Blurryface review by twenty one pilots

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  • Released: May 19, 2015
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (33 votes)
twenty one pilots: Blurryface

Sound — 7
Twenty One Pilots' second mainstream album, "Blurryface," continues to mix and experiment with genres, creating a singular mess reminiscent of a high school chemistry lab. Several of "Blurryface"'s songs, including "Lane Boy," "Ride," and "Polarize" have an almost reggae feel that was not present in "Vessel." Some may call this a misstep (Billboard review), but I am sure that some members of Twenty One Pilots' Skeleton Clique besides me will like Twenty One Pilots' "misstep."
Refusing to abandon the ukulele, "The Judge" and "We Don't Believe What's on TV" will attract fans of "Vessel"'s "House of Gold" and ukulele players. Apart from "Tear in My Heart" and "Goner," the piano that was dominant in Vessel is much less dominant in "Blurryface." I am giving this section 7/10 because I enjoy the reggae and ukulele, but I miss the piano and I do not enjoy the mainstream rap feel in "Doubt" as much as their other songs.

Lyrics — 10
The weight and uniqueness of the lyrics within "Blurryface"'s songs are very similar to those of "Vessel." Songs like "Stressed Out" and "Goner," dissimilar to most mainstream music, show that Twenty One Pilots does not run away from heavy topics within their lyrics. "Lane Boy" directly addresses Tyler Joseph's struggles between his desire to experiment and his pressure to be popular: "I'm in constant confrontation with what I want and what is poppin' / In the industry it seems to me that singles on the radio are currency." Due to the fact that Tyler Joseph writes Twenty One Pilots' songs himself keep the lyrics sincere and emotional. The experimental music choices along with the unique topics their lyrics deal with and Tyler Joseph's singular voice combine to make a meaningful, emotional mess of lyrical themes and genres. Due to this, and the fact that I cannot find a flaw in the lyrics, I don't have an excuse for not giving this section a perfect 10/10.

Overall Impression — 9
One of the questions for brainstorming is: "Does it compare with other albums (artists)?" With this album, I can honestly say no; "Blurryface" is literally like nothing I've ever heard. Its lyrics, its music: everything is original and nothing is normal. Songwise, my personal favorites are "Stressed Out," "Goner," and "Lane Boy," but there are so many great songs on this album. There's a song for every person and every style on this album; that's the great part of Twenty One Pilots. Again, I miss the piano from "Vessel," but that step backward allowed Twenty One Pilots take several more steps forward. In conclusion, "Blurryface" is a unique album with deep lyrics and an emotional, purposeful result that I believe everyone will enjoy.

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    Honestly, I think they're great songwriters. They'll only get better and made quite a leap from the previous album.
    I nvr could get into these guys. Everyone seems to love them, but I dont see how.