World Coming Down review by Type O Negative

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  • Released: Sep 21, 1999
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (14 votes)
Type O Negative: World Coming Down

Sound — 8
This is, sadly, one of Type O's most overlooked body of work.Although it may not be quite as good as Bloody Kisses, or perhaps October Rust, it is still one of my favorites of theirs. Despite thier only being 9 origonal songs (3 are skits and one is a Beatles cover), they let qaulity reign over quantity. Probably their most lyrically depressive works, the sound of the actual music would have you never realize that Peter is talking about killing himself and talking about how much he hates his life. Which I suppose has become a trade mark for Type O. This album is very catchy and musically one of Type O's best works, but noone really outshines anyone else. Johnny's drumming is great (as always) but never really stands out. Same with Kenny's guitar work. Although he does have a great solo now and then, he stays with Peter's rythm for the most part. If anything did stand out tho, it would have to be Peter Steels singing. Trust me, after one listen of Everyone I love Is Dead (which is surprisingly more upbeat than the name makes you think) you'll be screaming "Goddammit!" right along with him.

Lyrics — 7
Like I said, this is definetly thier most depressive works. As usual, Pete was going thru a hard time (this time, as you'll probably pick up from the lyrics) the album seems to talk about how many of his close family members has died. But of course, this is what Goth musics all about!

Overall Impression — 9
Even tho this may not be the album that comes to mind when you think Type O Negative, this is certaintly not a bad album. Despite the fact that even Steel himself said that he wasn't happy with the album, I think that it has a lot of good moments, and certaintly does a good job of living up to their other albums. One of the albums highlights is definitly the albums closer, the medly of two Beatles songs, Day Tripper. This song was given the total Type O makeover, to the point that unless it said it in the liner notes of the album you would have no idea that it was a cover.

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    rednightmare wrote: Sounds cool. I've only got Life is Killing Me, but I love Type O, and I need more!
    Their latest album "Dead Again", which just came out recently is pretty awesome - if you like them check it out. I actually thought this was a review of that album when I made my first post (i didn't read the whole article obviously)
    first post! I like this album a lot even with all the dark sides from Pete. The work on this record is one of their better i believe.
    By the way, who wouldn't recognize day tripper from the opening riff?
    great work! by the way, the closing medley consists of not two, but three beatles' pieces - "day tripper", "if i needed someone" and "i want you (she's so heavy)". the last one is from beatles' "abbey road" album.
    shit! that's right! whoops. well, even so, the only part it takes from that song is the "she's so heavy" part, so I guess that's why I left it out.
    It is dark but you also have very silly, sarcastic lyrics inbetween that you may not understand unless you read them in the booklet or foldout thing...whatever. A lot of people still won't get the songs or the band even then. Some people may think it is strange that they covered the beatles but Type o is basically sabbath meets the beatles meets pink floyd.
    I would compare them more to The Beatles, seeing as how they're even nicknamed "The Drab Four" instead of "The Fab Four"