The Joshua Tree review by U2

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  • Released: Mar 9, 1987
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (46 votes)
U2: The Joshua Tree

Sound — 10
I couln't believe this had a review saying that this album is tenth behind pop on this website! I challenge anybody to find a professional review giving this a bad review. this musically is one of the best albums done by U2. Bono said that he wanted an album that was musically like The Beatles and that is what he done. When I bought this album I liturately listened to no other album for months. it also changed me into unconditional fan of U2 (unconditional fan bare pop and October), where I used to say I didn't wanna choose one band to stay behind because it would leave me blinkered. Music is absolutelt brilliant because they don't set out to wow you and keep it traditional U2.

Lyrics — 10
Bono does it different here becuse if you listen to any good U2 album he chooses to be poetic while here he chooses to be real ife and look at the world and tell it how it is. This is why I understand how he familiarises the album with Beatles' works of art. As always Bono's voice oozes pure emotion and I can appriciate all the lyrics because I can empathise with it as can other people because I've loved, lost, felt sad and then been spiritually fulfilled with everything around me.

Overall Impression — 10
Rolling Stones Mag said that this is their third masterpiece after The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby hard to argue with song. This is right up there with The Beatles work with great songs like Kite, when I look at this world not to mention my favourite stuck in the momoment. By the way the person who thinks this is a bad album this is only second to the Joshua Tree!

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    jlennonky21 wrote: I just can't belive people love bono wow!! stop singing about africa and do something
    he does do alot in that area hes been there on many occasions and is constantly talking to major politicians about poverty in africa.
    How anyone can say this album is overrated is beyond me. I don't mean to say this as insult to people who don't like U2...personally, I think they're one of the greatest musical acts of all time, beaten out possibly only by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and a few others. U2 can be an acquired taste, but that doesn't change the demonstrable facts: U2's "Joshua Tree" defined Alt-Rock in a way no one ever has since. Every song on the album became a hit. Some more than others, yes. However, if you listen to modern alt-rockers (Foo Fighters, for example), they all try to replicate the emotion going on here. They all fail. There never has been a lyricist like Bono. The use of blues, Americana, Motown, and pop seamlessly make this an incredibly dynamic album. Anyone who says otherwise probably listens to Katy Perry.
    yeah i absolutely love this album. no rock collection is complete without it. u2's best album.
    i cannot help but feel that this album is the greatest album ever made. in a very serious way, this could very well be the most incredibly perfect album to date. Bono's wonderful lyrics make this album a poetic masterpiece, worthy of praise from the gods. every song flows together in a very passionate way, keep it up guys. ?mike?
    I just can't belive people love bono wow!! stop singing about africa and do something
    jiggy low-ballz
    One of the best of all time, not just of U2's catalogue but all time. An amazing album, the production is killer, the emotion is high. U2 never could replicate it though they came close on Achtung Baby.
    This is one of the rare albums where I love every single song, even 'Exit'. Also disagree with the reviewer that didn't like bullet the blue sky. First time I listened to it, with headphones, it gave me chills. There are some creepy sounds/effects in that song!
    i love how one reviewer said it's more "focuses" as a concept album than the wall. The Wall is the definition of a concept album: not a single song deters from the concept. Anyways, great album although a tad overrated.
    I absolutely love this album, the best they've ever come out with. I did like Bullet the Blue Sky, contrary to what other people say about it. In my opinion, every song is as good as the next!
    Just my opinion, this album is overrated... The first half is absolutely incredible but the second half just really lacks...