Phenomenon review by UFO

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  • Released: Apr 30, 1974
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (9 votes)
UFO: Phenomenon

Sound — 10
UFO comes crashing down to earth (mind the pun) to blow the minds of all hard rock lovers with this album! "Phenomenon" not only introduced me to UFO, but it was also the first hard rock album I really and truly enjoyed! The entire album is amazing from start to finish, with all of the songs containing a perfect mix of blues and hard rock riffs. The album starts out perfectly with "Oh My", which is a great hard rock song and perfect song to introduce listeners to the band's sound. The album soon picks into a cruising mode with a slower rock song "Crystal Light". The song's lyrics spins a mind blowing web of pictures and colors with the help of slight tempo and pitch changes, which compliment each other perfectly. While you're sitting back and enjoying the ride in the world of UFO, you're kicked right into overdrive with the song "Doctor Doctor", which not only is one of my favorite UFO songs but also one of my favorite rock songs of all time. Michael Schenker comes out of his cage in this song, pumping out some amazing riffs. After the quick speed change, you slow back down in the song "Space Child", which is very similar to "Crystal Light" when it comes to the sound and tempos of the songs. After you're nice and calmed down after "Space Child", you get boosted back into space again with another UFO great classic, "Rock Bottom". Michael Schenker is almost dying to show his talent in these upbeat songs on the album, and he doesn't fail or disappoint. After each great hard rocker on this album, UFO allows your mind to recover from the greatness it just received. The album slows down a little bit after "Rock Bottom", but is a lot faster than "Crystal Light" or "Space Child" for the next two songs, "Too Young To Know" and "Time On My Hands". UFO again shows their ability to work with all genres of rock with a blues-rock classic "Built For Comfort". After this, UFO returns the sound of "Crystal Light" and "Space Child" with an instrumental song called "Lipstick Traces". And finally, the album ends on the song "Queen of the Deep", a song that has the sound of "Doctor Doctor" with the tempo of "Too Young To Know". This album ends up leaving a permanent impression on you that redefines what you call rock n roll, and only makes you eager for more.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics for this album are at times very complicated but work perfectly. Some songs, such as "Crystal Light", have lyrics that flow perfectly as if telling a story, which paints pictures and colors in your mind as your listen to each second of the song. Other songs, such as "Doctor Doctor", you find that the lyrics just work well with the music, and help you jam out even more. The lead singer, Phil Mogg, is the perfect addition to UFO, and is the icing on the cake when it comes to UFO's overall sound. However, what makes the flavor of the cake has to be Michael Sheneker, who co-wrote the lyrics with Mogg and is one of the main components when it comes to UFO's sound.

Overall Impression — 10
"Phenomenon" is one of the greatest rock n roll albums of all time. Period. This album for me truly introduced me to rock n roll. With some other rock songs or albums, I got to see what rock n roll looked like and sounded like. But when I heard "Phenomenon", I got to really meet rock n roll, get to know him, and truly understand what rock n roll was. The entire album is impressive from start to finish, and what you call "impressive" has to be your point of view about music in general. For true hard rock fans, songs "Doctor Doctor", "Rock Bottom", and "Oh My" are the perfect songs for you to enjoy over and over again. However, I think all rock fans would enjoy this album from start to finish. There is nothing bad you could say about this album. The signature UFO sound is nothing like I've ever heard before, and is easily one of my favorite rock albums of all time. Those who haven't heard the album from beginning to end need to. To really enjoy the album, you have to listen to it from start to finish. Not one song off this album can summarize the whole sound of this album, which may be part of what makes it so great. This album is the perfect album for many different things. It is perfect as an introduction to what rock music really is for those who have never heard rock or haven't really appreciated it; it is the perfect album for any rock lover who hasn't heard it and even those who have. It's even great for a nice long car ride, which is how I first listened to the album. Every rock fan should listen to this album, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

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