Phenomenon review by UFO

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  • Released: Apr 30, 1974
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (9 votes)
UFO: Phenomenon

Sound — 10
We've all (hopefully) had that moment when we hear an album for the first time that you just sit there dumbfounded at how brilliant it is. I read somewhere that Iron Maiden used to open up with UFO's song "Doctor Doctor" because of what in influence UFO had on them. I can't blame them either since they were such ahead of their time. After listening to the album in its entirety I couldn't believe that this album had come out in 1974 due to the fact that nothing at the time sounded anything like this. I was into a lot of Zeppelin and Sabbath which I thought was the pinnacle of rock music in the early '70s, but after hearing what Michael Schenker could to on the guitar I didn't know what to think anymore.

Lyrics — 9
UFO's singer (Phil Mogg) in my opinion is defiantly underrated even though he may be no Robert Plant or Steven Tyler he still seems to fit in well with the rest of the band. The lyrics are great overall on each song as "Queen of the Deep" and "Crystal Light" stand out as the best lyrical songs on the album. There's really no weak song speaking lyrically unless you count "Lipstick Traces" since well, is an instrumental. Yet a beautiful instrumental I might add. For their song "Rock Bottom" though there's a live video somewhere on YouTube with alternate lyrics to the song which if I remember correctly was performed in 1973 so it was before they released "Phenomenon," and to be honest I liked those lyrics better and I kind of wish they had made the studio version of "Rock Bottom" with those lyrics instead.

Overall Impression — 9
When it comes down to it, all the songs on "Phenomenon" are great and worthy of the title "Best Song On The Album." You have their most known song "Doctor Doctor" but really there's only one song that stands out far above the others which is "Rock Bottom." When I first heard the guitar solo on "Rock Bottom" I remember replaying the solo at least 5 times before I even let the song finish. There are no words to describe how amazing that song is, you just have to listen to it to understand. To this day there has been no guitar solo besides the one on "Rock Bottom" that has been able to mesmerize me like it did. UFO is by far one of the most underrated bands I've ever listened to and I highly recommend them to any aspiring guitarist or to anyone who loves '70s hard rock. Each song on the album individually rated by me would goes as the following: 01. "Oh My": Good catchy song, perfect choice on them for an album opener. 02. "Crystal Light": Beautiful song with a nice guitar solo by Michael. 03. "Doctor Doctor": Terrific song, probably the song they're best known for. 04. "Space Child": Maybe the only "blip" on the album but a fantastic guitar solo saves this mediocre song. 05. "Rock Bottom": This song is beyond perfect. 06. "Too Young to Know": Another good rocker, gets stuck in your head easily. 07. "Time on My Hands": Focuses a lot on Phil's vocals and it doesn't fail to entertain, the acoustic guitars are a nice touch too. 08. "Built for Comfort": A good cover song by UFO originally written by Willie Dixon. 09. "Lipstick Traces": A nice relaxing instrumental, shortest song on the album clocking in at 2:21. 10. "Queen of the Deep": An incredible song that caps off an incredible album, perfect song choice to end an album. Overall: 89/100 (a.k.a: Pretty damn amazing).

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