Electronic Album II Review

artist: UG Community date: 03/10/2010 category: compact discs
UG Community: Electronic Album II
Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic
Number Of Tracks: 21
This is indeed an ambitious effort on behalf of the UG forum users. It shall be intriguing to hear the forums next effort.
 Sound: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.5
Electronic Album II Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 10, 2010
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Sound: This UG-forum collaboration is a magnificently controversial album for the reviewer; techno/electronic arguably attracts the greatest amount of negativity from a forum populated by guitar players. This album might finally be the turning point for Techno on UG. When it comes to sound, this is a particularly grand effort, drawing from the many strands of electronic music. For instance, take Rocky, as recorded by Flash Lights, who is UG member, sam I am. This track sounds exactly like a good drum and bass song should. Its momentum is centred upon a particularly gritty, heavy rhythm which wouldn't seem out of place in any club. The real quality behind it is the diversity within the song. Like so much great electronic music out there it is largely an instrumental piece, but with so much going on the repetition doesn't get to you. The synthesized harmonies of Rocky prove to be a highlight of the album, and one can imagine it being used during a movie montage, or even a sports ad. For further proof of the level of commitment and work put into this album, one need only refer to track three, Absinthe Party. This, a cover of indie/experimentalists Minus the Bear's very own song, is just what the doctor ordered for this album. Particularly refreshing is just how much the listener can appreciate a good song no matter the musical direction or genre. Other highlights on the album include an eerie remix of the Kylie Minogue (dare I say it) classic, Can't Get You out of my Head, and Mathematics, as recorded by FLUX_ is, I suppose, of the dubstep genre. I suspect FLUX_ is proud of this track's ear popping, frictional beats, which are complemented all the way by several methodically random sound effects. // 7

Overall Impression: This is indeed an ambitious effort on behalf of the UG forum users. It shall be intriguing to hear the forum's next effort. I feel that the somewhat rigorous selection process of the songs included only serves to highlight just how professional the approach behind this album is. Let's face it, Skream started with fruityloops, and look where that got him. This Ultimate Guitar community album is available for free download at this link, and only at this link! Don't miss your chance. // 8

- Samuel Agini (c) 2010

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