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  • Released: Jan 26, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (2 votes)
UG Community: Post-Rock Album 3: Came Respite

Sound — 8
01. Haze - "Journey Of A Leaf Boat": This track has a cool sort of oriental feel to it, but once again sounds like a guitar pro track. 02. Dayviewer - "As We Walk Through Landscapes": Another contender for the Pretentious Post-Rock Song Title Award, this track is very traditional Explosions In The Sky styled post-rock, but it is fabuously executed, especially the drumming. Really fantastic work. 03. Swaylone - "Bilbo": Right so this is one of my bands submissions, so I'm not really gonna review it. 04. Peter Caesar - "Six Towers Aside": I love this! I love the vocals. It might just be the whole "American thinking anything with a British accent sounds incredible" thing, but I really like this. It's got a bit a pop feel to it, but its still wonderfully atmospheric, and the drumming is perfect. 05. Passing September - "With My Heart In My Hands": I really love this intro, I don't know what you did to make it sound all crackly and whatnot, but I love it, and would love some details there. 06. ne - "If These Mountains Could Speak": I really like this track, wow! The production is perfect, and holy hell does it get big and awesome exactly the way a fantastic post-rock track should. It might have been a little bit awkward when it got big and awesome the second time, I feel like a drum fill or something there might have helped, but otherwise, its a pretty much perfect track. Awesome job! 07. Euphoric Noise - "Blissful": This is a very strange track, and I think I like it, but I'm still not quite sure. I never would have expected vocals like that on this album, but they work really well and actually this song is really cool, and really unlike anything else I've ever heard. 08. Our Blistered Horizon - "Reverie": The production here is beautiful. I really love this track, but somehow I just feel like it could be bigger, not like cliche crescendo-core bigger, but it could have maybe benefitted from a bit more of a climax. Still an awesome song though. 09. Mr Tumnus - "Fool's Knoll": The guitar playing here is simply fantastic. The vocals and atmospherics are wonderful, and this song is just wonderful. 10. Reverie - "Another Summer Fades": I love the title for this track, its very fitting. Also that bass line is awesome. I'm not crazy about the guitar tones though, and like a few other songs on here, it has some really cool ideas, but it just doesn't seem to really go anywhere. It kind of sounds like a few cool ideas mixed in with some atmospheric parts just for the sake of being atmospheric. Or maybe its the other way around, I'm not really sure. 11. Ask The Axis - "Laughing": The into is pretty cool, and I really like the samples. Unfortunately there are a bunch of other songs on the album that sound a lot like this one, but this is probably one of the better ones. 12. The Anatomy Of Frank - "Blurry (Part III), Like Insects Drowning In Puddles": This track starts out really awesome and reminds me a lot of Kayo Dot, especially the vocals. Unfortunately, it just kind of meanders along for the next 5 minutes or so not really doing anything, until the end, when it gets all big and awesome, but that just comes on kind of suddenly and awkwardly. This is a decent track, that could be really good with a bit of work and smoothing out. 13. In July, The Republic Fell - "Some Questions Are Better Left Unanswered": This is another really well done, rather traditional post-rock song. It may be a bit generic at times, but its very well executed. Some of the transitions are a little sloppy, but overall its still really good. It reminds me a bit of Yndi Halda, especially the drumming. This is definitely one of the better songs on here. 14. Swaylone - "Untitled 2": Another of my bands submissions. 15. Aberrant Corollary - "No Monsters In My Dreams": So this is a really awesome track. There are some 65daysofstatic sounding influences in there, as well as some Maybeshewill, but really this is a pretty unique song that doesn't sound much like anything I've really heard in the post-rock world. This is very interesting and a very cool take on the whole electronic post-rock thing. 16. Our Blistered Horizon - "Monument": Once again, this production is simply incredible. This is another very well written and well played song that I just feel could have been a bit bigger or maybe done a bit more. I guess that has a lot more to do with personal preference than quality though. 17. Synaesthetics - "Concrete Floors": I loved this song when it was Bloody Wank Sponge, and I still love it now. This is my favorite song that has ever been on any of the UGPR albums. That guitar part is just brilliant and perfect, the vocals are incredible. I think I listen to this song as often as I listen to my own songs. I don't really know what else to say here, but this song is just wonderful. 18. Reverie - "As Dark Clouds Loom, We Must Stand Firm": This is another good track. The vocals in the first half are very lo fi and give off a pretty cool vibe. Once everything else kicks in about halfway in, it sounds decent for the most part, I don't really know about the drums, something sounds off there though.

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