Cries Of The Past review by Underoath

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  • Released: Jul 4, 2000
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (61 votes)
Underoath: Cries Of The Past

Sound — 9
Underoath's sophmore album! And it lived up to their last album, and somehow managed to be better! Underoath still is metal-tastic, they still have Dallas with vocals, so enjoy it while you can cause soon, buh-bye Dallas, bye metal, but then they get an even better sound and even better singer, Spencer. "Cries Of The Past" is a Underoath-tastic album, so only real Underoath fans are going to love it.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics continue to be awesome, just like on all Underoath albums. The lyrics tie in better with the music than the last album, but honestly, could still use some work. I could rave on how amazing Underoath is, but I'm sure you have better things to do. To sum up: Great band, great vocals, great lyrics, great album, thus Underoath - great.

Overall Impression — 10
"Cries Of The Past" compares a lot to Underoath's first CD "Act Of Depression" The most impressive songs on this album are all of them. They're all awesome. But my favorite in order "Giving Up Hurts The Most," "Walking Away," "Cries Of The Past," "And I Dreamt Of You" and "The Last." I love everything about this album, and real Underoath fan's will love these guys too!

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    86th fret wrote: where can you download songs from this album?? im not gonna waste $100 on it from ebay lol.
    limewire duh!
    Spencer Chamberlain does an amazing job at vocals and screams.
    dude, it was Dallas who did vicals on this album.
    COB4ever wrote: 86th fret wrote: where can you download songs from this album?? im not gonna waste $100 on it from ebay lol. limewire duh!
    but where can we get it legally?
    also, can we plz stop arguing about whos better-Dallas or Spencer? They were both in Underoath! I'm not gonna lie, I like Spencer better, because you can actually halfway tell wtf hes sayin w/out he lyrics, although Act of Depression is one of my favorite albums because of the content
    people! for gods sakes, can we plz get one thing straight?! Dallas Taylor was only in Act of Depression and Cries of the Past, then Spencer Chamberlain came along! i swear, these ppl are starting to get on my frkkin nerves!
    id say dallas is a better vocalist than spencer was in TOCS. but spencer owns dallas in define the great line.
    this album is amazing but define the great line is slightly better in my opinion. However, anything by underoath is going to be great
    Winter Solstice
    the underOATH on this CD is just amazing, music for the music, very pure and with a lot of emotion in the vocals. Very melodic sound and awesome riffs, very talented guitar players I must say. New underOATH is good too though, but new and old are just too different to be sharing the same name, they should've changed their name after this album as only one of the members is remained and they have a total different sound now. Lot's of people won't remember the old underOATH because they aren't arround anymore. That's a bit of a shame to me.
    lol limewire saved my life....i hate it when ppl ask were can i get these songs!...theres a little piece of heaven called LIMEWIRE just waiting to be downloaded by u ppl!....anyway this is by FAR underoaths BEST is just.....amazing...
    xtrmn8x1r wrote: "The Changing Of Times" IS Dallas' last album with Underoath. I heard that they got fed up with him writing half his songs about his girlfriend who died in a car wreck (which is what "Cries Of The Past" is about), and they kicked him out and brought Spencer in halfway through the "The Changing Of Times" promotional tour. I like all of Underoath's stuff though. I liked it a lot more with Dallas, but they did a lot of good stuff with Spencer too.
    i though that too for a while. but i just saw an interview of Dallas on youtube and he explained everything. his girlfriend didnt die. his fiancee broke up with him on tour. then they got back together while still on tour. then she left him again. he was devistated. they were still on tuor so he didnt know how to handle it. so Grant asked him to leave the band.
    old underoath is way better than the new. i love new underoath but i love old underoath more. abd this cd is SOOOOO amazing!!!!
    In no way is/was Dallas a better singer then spence. Not a chance. + They are a lot different, well used to be. Before the newest release spence had a high pitch scream, while Dallas had the low vocals. Now that spence has grown with his talent, he has surpassed Dallas in every way. And his vocal range is now great!
    dallas's screaming sucks it sounds like a horse,dying can you say hes better than spencer?
    No it isnt They're only chasing safety is the best and so is define the greatline, and i dont care wat u have to say cuz ur just a loser who cnat let go of the past
    damn if you guys would have liked this shit about 5 years ago they were going on ebay for a penny