Define The Great Line review by Underoath

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  • Released: Jun 20, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (325 votes)
Underoath: Define The Great Line

Sound — 9
Underoath owns! I love Underoath, they're my favorite band of all time, and "Define The Great Line" definalty contributed to my love. I don't even know what genre to classify them in, Metal? Christin? Screamo? And don't you dare suggest emo, I will slap you in public if you call Underoath emo. They are so far from emo, this is by far their best CD yet. Right next to "They're Only Chasing Safety" Underoath has changed so much from their first two cds, "Act Of Depression" and "Cries Of The Past" which are both still unbelivably great, but I love their new sound more.

Lyrics — 10
Aaron, (clear vocals/drummer)and Spencer (lead, throat vocals) is gifted in what they do. They write beautiful, moving lyrics that you would never know how beautiful they are in the awesome screaming Specer does. When you know what the lyrics are, you'll find that the song has a much deeper meaning then what you're listening to. They have the best lyrics in all of the bands I know. The vocals go hand in hand with the metalcore guitar, bass, and drums. Aaron has a very moving, soothing, calming voice that will relate you to the song, then Spencer's screaming will make you come back for more. Even if you're not a current fan of Underoath, and you really give them a chance, you will love their new CD.

Overall Impression — 10
"Define The Great Line" compares most to their previous album "They're Only Chasing Safety" If you were to listen to "Cries Of The Past" or "Act Of Depression" you'll see that they're talents has expanded and broadend. (Even though they now have different members) I hope that their albums continue to grow more popular, because everyone I know who's never heard of Underoath, then listened to them, loved them shortly after. My favorite songs on "Define The Great Line" are "Writing On The Walls" (of course) "In Regards To Myself," "Everyone Looks So Good From Here" and "They're Could Be Nothing After This." There's not one thing I don't like about the album. I strongly suggest you buy this album, because if you took the time to read this, I know for a fact you will love it.

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    injured234 wrote: toolfan_121 wrote: There is no place for christian metal bands in my world. there is no room for them in anyones world
    I pity you, as Christian music at least isn't the same old, regurgitated lyrics about hurting someone or being hurt.
    jeeeze i dont get this crap im sorry. its a bunch of people claiming their spreading christian music through screaming. not inspirational to me, im sorry. its just as bad as silverstein and hawthorne. some of the stuff wouldnt be too bad if they didnt try to act badass by screaming and throwing their guitars around, it doesnt make the music any better
    UnderOath aren't really screamo on this album. If you are a guitar player you will love the layers upon layers of intense, smart guitar work. Tim is incredible on that there fretboard. Trust me. You do want this album. Listen to it numerous times and it will be a regular in your cd player.
    I love every underoath Cd everyone is something different from the last. im ready to see underoath tear the fretboard up tho. their pop chords are getting kinda old
    The screaming just makes its more passionate if you ask me. I guess, some people just get the message they are spreading, and others don't.
    ever since the the begining wake up to the end this is an amazing album but everything sounds the same
    I can't hear the guitar over the screaming vocalist, who only screams to compensate for his lack of vocal talent. Whatever happened to trying to sound good?
    For all the idiots that say they're only chasing safety was a crap popy album. 1 ur an idiot for thinky thats pop. 2, if it was soo bad, why did they actualy get known with this album? the new one is good, and writing on the walls is mostly like theyre onyl chasing safety(screamo) and its the popular one on the album. so according to the rest of the world, theyre onlt chasing safety is the betetr way to go regarding style. Oh and Underoath(being a cristian band) is ebtter than secular band any of you know. and if u are american, and ur sayign christain rock abdns rnt in my world or whatever, dont forget ur friken country was built on the religion. Y are ppl so stupid.
    nostiQ wrote: I can't hear the guitar over the screaming vocalist, who only screams to compensate for his lack of vocal talent. Whatever happened to trying to sound good?
    Your an idiot
    hammet_malakian wrote: toolfan_121 wrote: There is no place for christian metal bands in my world. yeah, but the fact that there also screamo makes it 10000 times worse
    Your an idiot
    COB4ever wrote: this is so different from cries of the past/acts depression disappointing
    cries of the PAST is from the PAST, and so is acts of depression. let it go. they r better now. if u want that style, then go buy a slipknot cd or sumthing.
    b2thedizzle89 wrote: This CD will be the best selling Album of 2006. period
    Lol, no, it won't. It'd be cool, but it won't.
    Underoath is all around amazing, they have been successful with all of their CD releases, and not to mention their amazing shows that leave people wanting more! Underoath is the new centry Screamo/christian. I love em', not to mention the fact that i can nail eberyone of his vocals