Define The Great Line review by Underoath

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  • Released: Jun 20, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (325 votes)
Underoath: Define The Great Line

Sound — 9
I bet this album has already been listened to by probably a gillion people, but it still impresses me. I really don't take an interest in chritian-rock, but I really like this. The whole album is full of great sound, I mean, You listen to it and you're thinkin to yourself 'wow'. The guitar playing is supurb, or at least I think so. I've just recently listened to (and purchased) this album, and what caught my attention was the fact that the band sounded like they wanted you to take an interest in their album. Me and my friends really enjoyed listening to it in the weight room, it's full of hardcore beats that will get your adrenaline rushing.

Lyrics — 8
This band is a screamer band, so people really wouldn't be able to figure that this band was devoted to God, because of all the heavy metal style playing, but you listen to this guy and you really feel him. He has a very clean style scream, and when he does his thing, you want to get up and do a karoke along to the song. There are a few lyrics that I really liked, but I really liked them when it was all put together along to the music, I mean, it all fell into place. I only have a few things to say, the screamer is very good, and I don't know if he does the singing also, but the vocalist had a very nice voice.

Overall Impression — 9
I think this album will take a good run along with other bands that are selling real good, ther's only one problem with the overall album, not enough tracks(there are only 11). Another thing is that the band has one song that really makes you think that the rest of the album is gonna be relly lame. I don't know what it was, I don't know if was just an instrumental or somethin' else, all I know is that it bored the hell out of me and I didn't to the whole thing. Another flaw in the album was that some of the songs took to long to start off, and I need a song that will catch my attention fast. Besides all of the negatives, the album was freakin' awesome. I suggest that you go out and buy it yourself and see what I'm talkin about, and if you do, listen for the first song on the album, it's the best song of the CD.

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    I got this CD the day it came out and there hasn't been a day that I haven't listened to it. This is sooooo much better than They're only chasing safety and I think it brought back the street cred they lost on TOCS. Anyway Underoath is one of the greatest bands around and I for one hope they stay for a long time.
    toolfan_121 wrote: There is no place for christian metal bands in my world. Dude your name is Toolfan_121, Tool is one of the crappiest bands ever.
    Reminded me a lot of bands like every time i die or norma jean from the start - Still retains enough underoath to keep me satisfied. A good release.
    This album is so good!!!!! I listen to it every night when I go to bed and I can't get sick of it! The guitar and drums and everything sounds so good together and the layering they have done is so good I thank underoath for the new cd!!!!!
    God of Gabrial2
    alot of people aren't getting what UO is trying to do... KIDS DON'T LIKE CHOIR MUSIC....(what i mean is gospel choir protaining to christianity..) christian kids dont like that kind of stuff and we all know it.. they like stuff thats IN YOUR FACE!! underoath is DEFINATELY THAT ON DEFINE THE GREAT LINE!!! and better yet.. ITS CHRISTIAN LYRICS!!!!! its that simple.. THEY SPREAD THEIR RELIGION THROUGH THEIR MUSIC!! simple.. THATS WHY THERE IS A PLACE FOR CHRISTIAN METAL MUSIC!! it actualy works.. im 15 and i am in the youth ministry in a band at my church and we play underoaht music.. kids actualy get the idea behind it all... and it works... UNDEROATH HASNT BEEN TO ONE FREAKING CONCERT WITHOUT MENTIONING GOD....
    God of Gabrial2
    so please before you trash underoath.. think about what they are doing through their music for kids...
    God of Gabrial2
    underoath also said this.." we won't write the same record twice" dont give up on them yet... they are ever changing and ever amazing..may God bless all of you