Define The Great Line review by Underoath

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  • Released: Jun 20, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (325 votes)
Underoath: Define The Great Line

Sound — 10
This band's music spreads across many genres. Unblack Metal, Death Metal, Deathcore, Metalcore, Hardcore, Punk, And Sadly Popcore. But this CD is truely Underoath at it's best so far, finally reconciling the heaviness of the early records with the energy of the new ones. Except, this isn't exactly a combination. It's a new style of rock never heard of, that may perhaps spawn a new type of rock called Underoathcore due to it's unique awesomeness. Guitars flow so beautifully. Each song has atleast five distinct head-pounding melodies. One must think to himself, will Underoath one day be copied time and time again? My friends Underoath is already establishing itself as the most influencial post-hardcore/melodic hardcore/metalcore band ever (now understand why they need their own genre).

Lyrics — 10
Lyrics are top-rate, though complicated, the main point of each song is comprehendable. They are like no other, is the only way I can explain. Spencer Chamberline may have established himself as the best screamer in both Hardcore and metalcore genres, improving dramatically from the last CD. He is unsurpassed, and, I dare say it, possibly, maybe, better than Dallas Taylor, now I know the Old fans are going to come after me. He is extremely good at transitions, sometimes I can't tell if he's screaming or not (Your Ever So Inviting). Never enough said, Spencer is the bomb. Aaron Gillespie is amazing, being his voice doesn't even belong to the hardcore/metal genre, yet his presence still doesn't water down the band's power; on top of that he plays drums. He is no longer the supporting vocals, as now this band has two phenominal lead vocalists. Unlike many hardcore bands Underoath doesn't only follow the bland tried-but-true sing-scream-sing-scream, but never does the samething twice.

Overall Impression — 10
Seeing how I focused most of my time glofying Underoath and less time describing it, you'll probably push this review off to the side as a biased stupid report. Don't let my stupidity stop you. Listen to Define The Great Line, they are what they are said to be. I've listened to You're Ever So Inviting about fifty times in a row, I better move on to Writing on the Walls. Check out their amazing music videos for the CD, you'll be suprised. Their next CD is going to be even heavier. In a confused music world where ever band is trying to figure out what to compromise on, Underoath compromises nothing, delievering every aspect of their songs awesomally.

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    stjimmy86 wrote: jeeeze i dont get this crap im sorry. its a bunch of people claiming their spreading christian music through screaming. not inspirational to me, im sorry. its just as bad as silverstein and hawthorne. some of the stuff wouldnt be too bad if they didnt try to act badass by screaming and throwing their guitars around, it doesnt make the music any better
    how are they acting badass? all they want to do is play a genre of music that they love and appreciate. so what if they sing/scream/what-you-will about christianity and jesus christ? music is supposed to be passionate, and if they have passion for screamo/hardcore/whatever as well as their religion, then so be it. who the **** do you think you are by flaming this band?
    If you ask me, this ablum was a change for the better...TOCS was great, no doubt, but this is just the epitimy of christian music for me. Btw, I'm not sure who said it, but I agree with whoever said Act of Depression/Cries of the Past sucked. Dallas Taylor is much better in Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.
    Wow. What is it about christian metal that makes it any less talented or valid than any other metal? Slipknot is singing about not being accepted, because that is something that is real to them. Underoath sings about their struggles with morals. They aren't even beating you over the head with religion! It's a morality that doesn't even have to do with religion! These guys are VERY talented. Maybe spencer doesn't scream well live, but that is because they tour SO FREAKIN MUCH! His studio stuff is awesome. They are an exciting show live. To have that balance that they put together on the albums is impossible to do in shows. What i'm saying is, if you are just here to hate on christian metal, or argue about spencer or dalles, or criticize the album because you don't like the genre, GET OUT! Go talk about your fav type of music. Leave us to discuss our favorite types.
    In my opinion there is a difference between a CHRISTIAN BAND and a BAND OF CHRISTIANS. i) Obviously, a band of christians are just a band with the members all being christian e.g. norma jean, as i lay dying. If you think about it, are they praising God in their lyrics through singing or screaming? make that judgement, again it is only my opinion. ii) A christian band however is a band that sings for God e.g hillsong united. So you people can decide whether you think Underoath are 'christian metal'; whether they scream about good morals, or scream for may need to reconsider this genre as a whole.
    jasonkan i think is one of the only people to write something intelligent here. Also, this cd came out like... a really long time ago. Why front page now?
    CrashedTheShow3 wrote: This album was sickkkk. I personally like A Moment Suspended In Time, and Moving For The Sake Of Motion. Has anyone else noticed that Spencer cant scream for shit tho? If youve seen them live, or have there special Edition TOCS, you can see that he is all over the place with highs and lows. I think they put a bunch of efects in his voice on the albums. but i still think he's alot better than Dallas.
    I was exactly thinking that. Underoath are good but are not that good when it comes to their live shows
    I used to love Underoath cuz they're music was intresting and i liked it.Then i went to an Underoath concert, and they started preaching about Jesus.I completely respect them being Christian, I have no problems wiht that, becsue it dosnt affect what they sounded like.But they have to understand that a good percentage of their fans are not Christians, and if they are in a City like New York where i live, they really hsould steer away from the preaching.Thy turned me off because of that.Oh, and Every time I die killed them, so they arent that good live either.And all you people that wanna jump on my back for saying that, its my opinion, so **** off
    valley boy
    herdrich wrote: this band sucks so bad i can't believe they get so much love. here's a message to all the kids who like underoath: stop listening to songs about dying and feigned depression and tell these bands to **** off and live your life!
    If you don't like them then don't F*cking post on here!