(Disambiguation) review by Underoath

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  • Released: Nov 9, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (81 votes)
Underoath: (Disambiguation)

Sound — 9
Well I have owned this album for about a month so I can give a good long to term opinion on this. The sound is slow, heavey and extremly experimental and dark which is great and makes them more distingishable and unique then any other metalcore band.. I really love the new drummers style it's not really as flashy as araon but sounds great. The rest of the band have really stepped up instrementaly and made this album possibly better then LITSOS.

Lyrics — 10
Sperncer's lyrics are really complex, dark and suit the music PERFECTLY. The lyrics are about spencer's personal expeirence's with drug addiction, lonliness and depression. But the song who will gaurd the gaurdians seems to bring up the end of the world again and is maybe the only song that would make it obviouse that there a christian band. So overall the lyrics are great. Now for spencer's vocals he's never been better and are problably one of the best parts of this masterpeice.His screaming that we all love has just gotten more intense and dark. His cleans are some of the most amazing cleans I've heard in awhile and shows he is problably the one of and if not the best vocalist in metalcore. In my opinion I like his cleans more then araons and at moments remind me alot of layne stayley (the old decisied alice in chains lead vocalist) but still manages to sound unique and is very powerful.

Overall Impression — 10
The only band this album reminds me of is alice in chains with the overall sounds( minus jerry cantrells guitar solo's) and spencer's amazing clean vocals. There both slow but heavey and really gritty and there's a riff in, "in division" that sounds like it would be in an A.I.C songs. Hmm I can't really decide what songs are the best beacuse theres something great about every single one but check out, : in division, catch myself catching myself, paper lung and vacant mouth to find out if this album is for you because I'm sure alot of people who were a fan of there last album will not like this one. I've come to love everything about this is album it's just amazing and really creative. The only flaw is that by the end of this short album you just want more. Incase you have not noticed Underoath is one of my favorite bands but this is my honest unbiased opinion on it and if it were lost or stolen I would deffinitly buy it again beacause it's just that amazing and I would love to get the special edition.

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    Bought this on a recommendation from Pandora. That little app does wonders for showing me new metal bands each month or two. Great album and a great band. Sad to hear about the old members taking off but I like the new stuff they put out.
    natuMzzri wrote: As for the album name, disambiguate means to "remove the ambiguity from" :\ Ok... ambiguous means to have more than one possible meaning. So really the album name is ambiguous even though it's called disambiguation. I think that with the before it, the title is a reference to disambiguating their symbol, which is used different for things like diameter, zero, and underoath.
    They're clearing up the ambiguity about who they are. Gillespie may have left, but they're still Underoath and they still have something important to say. That's how I see it. Used to see them as "bleh a Christian hardcore band? No thanks." But they and August Burns Red may be giving a good name to the genre. That and since I have a very weird--but very solid--philosophical take on religion that leaves as much room for Christianity as any other belief system (excluding perhaps absolute nihilism) I'm not really turned off by the lyrics and is fact have no problem playing them back to back with Cynic or Behemoth. Especially considering I freaking love their music now.
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    Just started trying to give this album another chance, and so far the only song that I like is Catch Myself. It has a really interesting opening as far as guitars go, but other than that the album is a bit blah. I'll keep trying to figure it out though.