Lost In The Sound Of Separation review by Underoath

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  • Released: Sep 2, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (135 votes)
Underoath: Lost In The Sound Of Separation

Sound — 10
Underoath has created an epic intense expansion of "Define the Great Line" with their new album "lost In The Sound Of Separation". It is quite possibly their greatest achievement as artist and as a band. The sound of the album very closely resembles that of "define... " and that's not because Underoath was being repetative and couldnt make anything different. it's because they loved the sound of the album and wanted to expand the ideas and sound of "define... " Those who also buy the CD/DVD will understand this as the band elaborates on the ideas they had for the album. The sound also follows a recurring them of separation (hence the title of the album). Throughout the CD their are parts where the vocals sound very faint and distant and it's all for a purpose. that's what I admire about Underoath. Nothing is done just for the sake of doing.

Lyrics — 10
Spencer has come a long way not only as a screamer but also as a singer (just listen to the difference in the two DVDs 777 and Survive Kaleidiscope, he improved alot) and his and Aaron's lyrics on the album are incredible. Everything fits so perfectly and it is all so intense. This is proved on the Track "a Fault Line, A Fault of Mine" near the end of the track Spencer screams "I was lying!" followed by Aaron singing it and they go back and forth until finally Spencer ends with "This is defeat!" and the song comes to an epic end. Lyrically it seems as though some of the members have been through some hard times and they show this through the entire album. I believe the albums best song lyrically is the one song that has the least amount of lyrics, the last song "desolate earth:: the end is here". After the songs 3 minute and thirty seconds of instrumental music, the last 30 seconds are the most inspirational and moving lyrics I found on the CD. Very distantly you here spencer sing "You said there was nothing left down here Well I roamed around the wasteland And I swear I found something I found hope, I found God I found the dreams of the believers The dreams of the believers Oh, God! Save us all" These words speak of Hope and Redemption, and that anyone no matter who you are or what you have been through. You can still find peace and Salvation.

Overall Impression — 10
The overall impression of this album for me is incredible. It's becoming what you expect from Underoath, with every album outdoing the one before, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The best songs from the album are really all of them but the ones that stuck out for me are "breathing in a new mentality", "A fault line, a fault of mine" and "Too bright to see to loud to hear". but every song is very well put together. I love how they did this album from top to bottom. The theme, the sound, the lyrics, it was all put together so well. I also love how every song does one of two things. either it flows right into the next track with feedback, or it comes to a halt and the next song begins on the drop of a dime. the first time I listened to it I was listning to track one and a few minutes later I looked at the stereo and I was on track three. I didn't know the tracks had changed because of how caught up in listening to it I was. If this CD was ever stolen or lost I would defanetly buy it again. And I strongly encourage you to buy the CD/DVD because it helps you understand what the band was trying to do with this album, because I've already had a friend say the only flaw was it is too much like "define the Great Line" and my answer to that is no it actually makes it that much better by expanding on the sound and idea of that album and making "Lost In The Sound Of Separation" that much better.

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    Man...this cd is really great. I DTGL was definitely one of my favorite albums of the last two years, and this album took that formula and improved on it vastly. It seems like the band brought their A game with this one, for sure. I do think it's a bit heavier, too.
    I think the overall album is awesome!!!! To me they are the best band out here. Plus, they recently got their video for Desperate times, Desperate measures on TRL at MTV. It just shows that Christian Metalcore is finally getting noticed! Oh i still think that ''Define the great line'' is the best album they have ever done.
    Album rocked my socks off, seeing them live Sunday in Glasgow and i seriously cant wait, brutal, heartfelt and intense, underoath...thank you
    I am SO relieved that this album turned out better that Define the Great Line. I was getting scared. Underoath used to be awesome and original at the same time, and after The Changing of Times, they seemed to be going through some weird changes. I still loved They're Only Chasing Safety, but Define was just too much. This is heavy like Define, but the vocals are so much better. The harmonizing of the whole band on many tracks, as well as a return of Aaron's voice throughout all the songs was a very welcomed addition in MY eyes. GOOD ALBUM! I LOVE YOU GUYS AGAIN!
    great album. they came a long way from the mediocrity of they're only chasing safety (though that's my number 1 guilty pleasure). underoath doesn't deserve the bad rap they get from people who consider them "emo bullshit", though the scene fanboys are annoying as hell too... anyways, i'm still trying to decide whether i like this over dtgl, but both are excellent records
    still waiting for my preorder... didnt want to do the myspace thing.. im anticipating it way too much to listen to it on a laptop.
    Fatally Jon
    A lot more of the songs on "Define the Great Line" were memorable, where a lot of the songs on "Lost In The Sound Of Separation" failed to stick out. I love this new album, but "Define The Great Line" was a lot more memorable.
    Basically "Define the Great Line" on steroids. This is one of those albums you have to listen to a few times thru before you start to really like it; but once you like it, man you can't stop listening. I've probably listened to it at least 15 times thru since I got it on its release Tuesday.
    This is by far the best album of the year so far and underoath's best cd, absolutely stellar album