The Changing Of Times review by Underoath

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  • Released: Feb 26, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (28 votes)
Underoath: The Changing Of Times

Sound — 10
I'll admit, I became an Underoath fan because of the new album, "They're Only Chasing Safety." I wanted more Underoath since that album was really good. Now, I've heard both CDs and both EPs and I've heard many changes. Of course Dallas sings on this album. Underoath is amazing musically. The guitar is really interesting in this album. Okay, so there are no azaming solos but it still rocks. I love how on this album, no matter how hard a song is, there is always a slow touchful part. Aaron (the drummer) doesn't really sing in this album except in, "When The Sun Sleeps."

Lyrics — 8
I'm not the biggest fan of Dallas' vocals because all his screams sound very similar. I'll admit his lyrics are amazing. Sometimes, I like the way he screams in some moods. It seems like he took a lot time into his lyrics. Most songs are about his fiancee dying in a car crash that he created. (which I do not know if it is true or just a story he made up). A Message For Adrienne is about a man who loves this girl but she nevers tells him that she loves him back and he commits suicide and she feels bad because she never told him how she really felt. Underoath is a christian band, on this cd, I felt that their was some religion in the lyrics. For example, Angels Below is an anti-satan song.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is much harder than Chasing Safety but I liked it anyway and I had never really listened to Screamo Music before. I really like Changing Of Times. I can't say any of the albums are better or worse. They are all different and they all have their own uniquness. This album is worth buying. I loved it. My favorite songs on this album are, "When The Sun Sleeps," "A Message For Adrienne," "Never Meant To Break Your Heart," "Changing Of Times" and "Angels Below" because of the awesome keyboard part. If this record were stolen, I would buy it right away. Rock on Underoath!

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    first off...this cd is simply amazing. in every aspect of the word. the music..the lyrics...just simply stunning. i do like a lot of the new underoath stuff but it just doesnt even touch on this cd in my book. i can listen to this cd everyday and not get tired of it...i dont know how other people felt about this cd but it really touched me...the music and everything just go together so well. i cant even describe it...this is definetly a must gona be honest though, when i first heard this cd years ago, i didnt care for it too much. but the thing is, it grew on me so much. so just give a chance. thats all i gotta say...
    This ablumb is incredible...i miss the keyboarding it adds so much to the music