They're Only Chasing Safety review by Underoath

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  • Released: Jun 15, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (95 votes)
Underoath: They're Only Chasing Safety

Sound — 10
To be honest, I love the sound of this albulm. Underoath was a metal/hardcore band when they began. Now they are screamo. Most people say thet sold out and they suck now. I loved them then, and I still do now. They bring screamo to new heights on this cd. Every song has intense screaming, with very catchy melodies.

Lyrics — 10
Dallas (Underoath's old vocalist) was good, but I like Spencer's sxream better. I think it's fuller, and it fits well with the music. Aaorn handles the singin, and he has a good voice. Underoath writes great lyrics. They are deep, meaningful, and different from most stuff out there. They are Christian, and their faith is evident in the lyrics, especially on "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape."

Overall Impression — 10
I do not think Underoath sold out. They just tried something new, and I think they suceeded. The entire albulm stod out to me. I love the intense screams coupled with the soft melodies and fast riffs. This is a great CD. I would buy it again right away if it was stolen.

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    I read the whole conversation and it seems pointless having to drag the bible into this cause it wont change what we think about the christian metal music. If you think that the lyrics or the sounds fo underoath or as i lay dying or other christian metal music are satanic,thats your opinion and it does not mean that you can go around bashing words against our bands or music and saying whats oxymoron or not.Its your opinion and we cant change it and whats our opinion you cant change it.If you meant well,then you you went to far because all youre doing is get us pissed off.If you dont like this music then dont listen to it and listen to YOUR classical rock music but leave our favorite music as its is. LEAVE IT ALONE
    ima_tree06 is the smartest person in this argument. and the devil horns dont really symbolize satan. symbols change. The swastica used to symbolize peace, but the nazis took it and warped it. cant the same thing happen the other way around? most people i know dont even know that they are devil horns. it just means rock on to most people.
    i agree with ima_tree06 in this arguement. i think that God see's that alot of the serious metalheads are without Him, so He will use their style of music to reach out to them and win them over. I myself am not comfortable with gospel music, it kind of creeps me out, but i can get music with the same message in a more comfortable, accesible style for me from bands like underoath, stutterfly, and flyleaf. I think God knows that kids today aren't listening to gospel choir music so he inspired christians to start screamo/post-hardcore/metal/whatever bands to reach out to them. Another point to the arguement that rock isn't all evil is that my church worship team is a rock band, this helps get people excited and worship and praise from all age groups. God doesn't care how we worship, just as long as we're doing it. This arguement is a total stalemate, but it seems that people are voicing their opinions left and right.
    i defiantely agree with Ambulance X's review and can we stop this arguing if u guys were really Christians, u would no that God doesnt want us fighting
    um modernmusich8er, i agree that metal is usually dark , no qustion, but that doesnt mean there cant be Christian metal bands. listen to some will seek forgiveness, they said,''Jesus, im ready to come home,'' and they yell it, they praise God there own way and God loves it. to me that is Chritsian metal. and the music will attract poeple that are into dark metal but the lyrics are Christian. and yelling at the top of your lungs is so praising to God. i mean our church yells and i play the drums loud for our church there is guitar with solos and people go crazy for Jesus. its awesome and these guys do the same thing only with there style. love these guys. rock on!
    Being an atheist I must say that if music has christian lyrics or "satanic" lyrics makes absolutely no difference to me at all. Sure i find religion quite interesting when people have such strong views about things... but surely what actually matters is the music? just because it "sounds" evil, doesnt mean it is evil? would metal be evil if the lyrics were about sunshine and daisies and fluffy bunnies? ha i doubt it... also on the subject of satanism (dont flame me here) but with "satanists" who claim they dont believe in God... that completely contradicts their whole religion because for satan to exist god also must also exist as he was the one that sent satan to hell right? and in that case satanism is in fact a denomination of christianity? But really, the music has nothing to do with it, it's the lyrics that would determine if the music was actually "satanic" or "christian" or neither. "classic" rock has had its day, thus why it is called classic... and this new wave of "modern" music is now what is popular... its like how everyone was so shocked with the stones and led zeppelin and the sex pistols etc. people from older generations are obviously going to have negative opinions about how "extreme" these new types of music are. You just have to accept that this music is what is "in" now and theres not a big chance of your "classic" rock coming back for a while yet. imo of course.
    u could have the lightest softest music in the world and it could be satanic. The lyrics is what makes something satanic, or christian. Im so happy Underoath is around, because of them So many people have turned to christ. You know why? Its not just there lyrics, but pick up there dvd. Have u seen how happy they are? they dont swear, they dont talk bout sex or girls, there clean cut guys, and there so happy. i know it doesnt seem that big of a deal, but to somepeople they wonder how they can be so happy. God gives them that peace and comfort.but i do agree the lyrics help a lot too. But music itself isnt satanic its the words that they say that is. and if u read Underoaths lyrics, youll see that there definately not.
    I enjoy Christian metal much more than I enjoy black metal, death metal, etc. There's a mature energy that Christian metal has harnessed, something beyond self-pitying anger; it gives the music a third dimension in an otherwise-redundant music. I think modernmusich8er is really just trying to start a "crusade against" music he doesn't like or care for. I once tried to get into classic rock--but I'd rather listen to someone who can scream with passion than someone who can't sing worth a flip (like 90% of classic rock bands). modern also pointed out that rock is all about sex drugs and rock'n'roll... That made me laugh. I'm sorry, but *classic* rock is all about that. Rock has since changed dramatically; whether it's for the worst or the best is open to interpretation, but the fact is that it's changed. Stryper is a classic rock band, and they've been Christians since they were before a band. They didn't talk about sex and drugs, but they had a somewhat-successful career. Christians have God-given talents just as much as people that don't live their life for God. Talents that God would like them to utilize to spread His message; if Christians weren't mean to play metal, God wouldn't have given *anyone* the ability to play it (since being a Christian is available to anyone). In fact, I'm going to take what would probably be considered an even bolder step by modern and agree a self-proclaimed atheist as above.
    But really, the music has nothing to do with it, it's the lyrics that would determine if the music was actually "satanic" or "christian" or neither.
    He couldn't have said it better.
    i love their explosive sound its great. sum may find it 'ironic'? that its 'christian-metal' but its all to do with the lyrics, which portrays their feelings and views.
    okay what the hell i have one thing to say 1st off clasic rock kicks complete ass and i still like the new crap and yah i do have 2 agree with Modernmusi8er because what kind of band screams when they are Christian i mean your screaming your not singing like come on!!!!the band As I Lay Dying is good but they dont have Christian vocals i don think
    why are you even talking about this .People its music it means different things to differenet people.U get points for interpreting it , the same as when you read the bible .I have only just sarted listen to underoath, i saw them somewhere and decided to investigated the music. Im not bothered whether they intend to worship god or whether their christian.They could be jewish for all i care ,its what u as a person get out of their music .thank you i hope that stops the bickering