III: In The Eyes OF Fire review by Unearth

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  • Released: Aug 8, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (86 votes)
Unearth: III: In The Eyes OF Fire

Sound — 10
Production and sound were extremely great. No background white noise or anything, and it wasn't toned-down like some metal production seems to be. The sound was crisp, and you could hear all the instruments, including the bass, which had at least one cool slide that truly made a song what it was. Also, most importantly, it was loud, really loud, with no clipping.

Lyrics — 10
Trevor Phipps' screaming skills had gotten noticably better since The Oncoming Storm. They sound more vocal this time, and less generic-hardcore-screaming-like than they used to, and more unique. Also, the lyrics are, as always, about despair and destruction, but what would you expect from a brutal metalcore band? Who looks for diversity in metal lyrics? Nobody of course, except for the irony.

Overall Impression — 10
Of course this compares to most metalcore artists, it rises above them and kicks their asses to hell and back. The most impressive songs off the album are definitely "Sanctity Of Brothers" and "The Time Was Mine" although all the songs are definitely extremely awesome. I would have liked slightly less familiar sounding songs, but who cares? These guys specialize in heavy metalcore and they do some of the best out there. If this got lost or stolen, I'd be proud to buy it again. And also, I'd be obligated to beat the hell out of the douche who stole this. My ears, raped and bleeding from repeated listening to this album, agree.

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    Definately a solid band for the genre there in, not just screams and bottom end riffs, these guys do have talent, and this album exposes it more then their past releases
    not a bad cd, but by no means all 10's. Oncoming Storm was better, and they havent progressed much on this cd. Less hardcore stuff, but stil you think they would have some more solos. To me, most of these songs sound like Oncoming Storm, just not quite as good. Still, there are some sick songs on this record \m/
    Unearth are good. They were coming through brisbane with Killswitch and Lamb of God and Im real angry cuz (I'm guessing) stupid emos (amongst metal fans) bought all the tickets within the first day of release.
    Im hoping they do two shows. I pray every nite when darkness falls that these bands aren't false idols and that their black hearts reign two shows.
    Real solid album -vocally and musically. They've got some real creative stuff going on. I think they'll be a band who is going to keep putting out better and better material as time goes on. I can't wait to hear what's next.