In A Flesh Aquarium review by Unexpect

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (45 votes)
Unexpect: In A Flesh Aquarium

Sound — 10
Unexpect is a fairly new band, they debuted around 1996, and their music can't be summed up easily. They sound like a mix of black/death metal, beautiful female vocals, brutal guitar riffs, symphonic keyboards, carnival music elements thrown everywhere, and chaos oozing from the spaces between the notes. In their latest entry, In A Flesh Aquarium, it's proven that these guys have lost all sense of what is considered "normal" music, and instead lean towards a chaotic, disturbingly complex side of music. Most of the people I have shown Unexpect to, have said that there is too much going on, and this is because there are 3 vocalists, a drummer, a guitarist, a 9 string bass player, and a truckload of other instruments implemented in their songs. In one song, they can go from extremely heavy and complex, to a simple beat that you can tap your foot to, and break into a jazz segment, then end it with a lounge styled ambient melody. Some of the more impressive songs on here are "Summoning Scenes", "Another Dissonant Chord", the piano driven "Desert Urbania", and the extremely carnival styled song, "Megalomaniac Trees". There is also an instrumental on here, it's called "Silence 011010701", and isn't something you could probably fall asleep to take my word for it. There is also an 11 minute epic song, called "Psychic Jugglers", which demands to be heard, and once it catches you and has you in it's grasp, it doesnt't let go until you finish the wildest 11 minutes of your life, in a musical sense. Keep in mind that this music is not for everyone, and is an acquired taste. I suggest you give their songs a couple of plays before saying you dislike them.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics range from english to the french language, and most of the lyrics are dealing with the dark and dramatic, theatrical elements. The two male singers are awesome, one does the lower growls while the other does the raspier and wackier vocals. The beautiful female voice you hear on this CD is actually one of the guitarist/vocalist's girlfriend, and you can tell from her voice how confident she is in her singing. Well let me tell you, this is a good way to discover how beautiful music sounds when you mix in demonic growls with the soft siren of a woman. In "Another Dissonant Chord", about a minute into it, when it breaks off into the other chorus type part, you can hear how nice it all sounds mixed in.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, I say this is a must-buy for those interested in trying new things, or want to see what an evil clown in a killer carnival would produce as music. It truly is a unique experience, and Unexpect is deserving of every fan they get. If you are a big symphonic metal/black metal/death metal fan, check this album out. Keep in mind, if it starts to sound a bit too chaotic, take a breather, and go back to it. You'll like it in due time, and it'll be worth it. Help spread the word about Unexpect! If this CD was stolen from me, I would find the guy who took it, castrate him, feed his tool to him, then dismember him and take my CD back. For all you downloaders out there, I also ask, please buy the CD, it would be a shame to see this band die out because they couldn't afford to keep going.

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    Pure Brilliance. It seems so chaotic & random and yet they had all of it planned out.
    Wrong, they come from Montral, Qubec(Canada). I'm 10000% sure about that. We speak in french here also. And yeah I've just checked In a flesh aquarium lyrics and they sing in french; but when they do they do backwards oO? It's done in Megalomaniac trees and A dissonant chord, for example. There might be more.
    It is not hungarian. They come from Montral, Qubec(Canada). I live here and there's no mistaking, only someone from can have their real names. I've also seen their facebook and they're 100% from here :O. Oh and yeah, we speak french in Qubec. In Chromatic Chimera, there's two lines that are read backwards. Those are in french. But yeah I love the band it's like I finish listening to In a flesh aquarium, and I start it again cause you discover something everytime. It's so innovative.
    They sing in English and French? If you read Wiki, or even just the lyrics, you'll find that it's Hungarian.
    Great album it's just full of sound and original stuff. It blows my mind every time i listen to it!
    Ima be buying these albums but i think you can only get them online? Hopefully not, best bought not online for meh, also can you find these albums in stores?
    Maan I want this album. Listened to a few tracks on myspace.. I love it! The more complex and layered music is the more I like it. The scary carnival vibe is awesome - beats angry vibes that most metal bands seem to go for. The other guitarist in my band hated it but oh well. His loss!
    Excellent band. Great review too. And you're right about Psychic Jugglers. You just cannot stop listening to it once you start it.
    I love how about 9 minutes into psychic jugglers, everything ends and you take a breath, but then it all starts back up again for a 2 minute climax!