Leto Destinatus review by Universum

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  • Released: Jul 15, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (4 votes)
Universum: Leto Destinatus

Sound — 8
Hailing from Australia my first impression of this band was an average melodic death metal band. But this band was one that seemed to get more and more exiting as I listened more. Along with having deep growls and screams the ands guitarist assists with clean vocals in some songs. The guitars are able to keep the songs heavy and rough while the keyboards perform a more melodic and industrial influence. For a debut album Universum have successfully created a hard hitting impression. 01.Leto Destinatus: this song does not have an intro to create a good first impression for the band but the song increases in power and cleverness as the song hits the first chorus. It is fast and complex but it does not have some of the same qualities that the other songs have. But a fantastic solo and collection of riffs (8/10). 02.Day Of Redemption: this was the first song I heard from the band and it immediately gave me an idea of what the band was about. The intro is perfectly timed with the fast and more brutal music hitting unexpectedly. All parts of this song are done with wisdom and professionalism (9/10). 03.Disconnected: ths song is a highlight of the album and manages to capture the main themes of the band. The riffs are done with precision and show similarities to bands such as Arch Enemy and In Flames(9/10). 04.Solitude: a one and half minute instrumental which introduces the song following it. Bt this short peice of work is not a waste of space on the CD. This song is a pefect example of what makes the band so artistic (8/10) 05.Damage: even with the instrumental introducing it Damage still has an intro that changes the mood and emotion of the song. This gives the song some individuality and not just a repeat of the instrumental. One of the more melodic songs on the album (8.5/10) 06.Invisible Scars: this is without a doubt one of the heaviest songs on the album. It gives the vocalist a chance to prove his endurance as a musician. Aswell as being a heavier song it also gives the mind a break with some cleaner vocals sung making powerful duet vocals (8/10) 07.War Of Ages: this song was a much softer song on the album which in many cases is fine with me but this song does not suit the rest. The other songs formed complexity and crativity but this song seemed to be almost a fill in (6.5/10). 08.False Paradigm: repetitiveness is a weak spot in this song but it represents the band well. In the end its most important aspect on the album was to represent the band. A very heavy song and a headbangers delight. It still showed some of the qualities that were vital in the bands sound (7/10). 09.Zero: intro's are a strong aspect of many of the songs on this album. This track keeps the lstener in suspence and easiy paints a picture of the emotions the band represents. It keeps the tradition that these songs show, that is a theme riff. This song highlights the riffs well (8/10). 10.Faded: the clean vocals sung are probably os powerful and highlighted in this song. With both clean and grueling vocals going at the same time, a mixed emotion is created. But in the negative the riffs can be quite repetitive (7.5/10). 11.Black Logic: an in your face metal song that I listen to when I am in various moods. Exelent intro and dominant vocals (9/10. 12.Misery Cell: the piano intro of this song instantly gives away the fact that it is going to slowely build up into a monsterous metal anthem. As well as having heavy and hard hitting aspects it also has some passion to it (9/10). 13.Ignite The Subconcious: this song shares all the positive parts of the other songs on the album. But it lacks change and variety. A powerful solo saves this song (8/10)

Lyrics — 8
The title Leto Destinatus means destined to death in latin and is a name which suits the careful lyrics that the band have written. The lyric are very broad in variety and well written. The music works together with the vocals to set the theme or the mood of the album. The vocal skills are shown more in some songs than other but both clean and grueling vocals are impressive.

Overall Impression — 9
Universum have made a promissing debut but this band will need to work on their weaknesses before they can gain in streangth. It will be hard for a new metal band to uprise in Australia but if they keep he same creativity in there songs and are not afraid to experiment wisely, then they should be fine. The best thing aout this album is the varety in each song. But the worst thing is some of the bad habbits that show consecutively.

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    First, and I just checked this out and it isn't too bad. At the begining of Leto Destinatus the vox kinda (unfortunately) remind me of hardcore vox but it later gets much better. These guys show some promise, remind me a bit of Trivium from the Ascendency days.
    These guys done it right from the start and made an incredible debut. Hard for an Aussie metal band to get out there which is why it was probably mixed in Sweden, especially for this genre. Cant wait for Mortuus Machina!
    Disturbdkornkid wrote: First, and I just checked this out and it isn't too bad. At the begining of Leto Destinatus the vox kinda (unfortunately) remind me of hardcore vox but it later gets much better. These guys show some promise, remind me a bit of Trivium from the Ascendency days.
    I agree I could here some hardcore in it aswell but the solos are metal.