As Yggdrasil Trembles review by Unleashed

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 9.7 (13 votes)
Unleashed: As Yggdrasil Trembles

Sound — 7
Bassist and vocalist Johnny screams Viking death metal! Viking death metal! on the third track, Wir Kapitulieren Niemals, and that's really as quick a rundown of Unleashed's sound as you'll get. In 3:27 you get the core of their sound, the raw old school death metal production, the lyrical approach and the general take-no-prisoners attitude. The production is fairly raw by modern standards but it still manages to retain a bit of air between the instruments and Unleashed is the type of band that benefits a great deal from not having a polished production.

Lyrics — 5
Any time you more or less pigeonhole yourself to a certain genre, be it musically or lyrically, you had better deliver the goods. Unleashed have been doing the viking lyrics since 1066 or thereabouts, and at this point you either can't stand it anymore or you're a hardcore fan and still dig it. It's not so much the Viking imagery that bothers me, but the actual lyrics and imagery just comes across as forced and cheesy on As Yggdrasil Trembles. As for examples, just give the lyrics to Wir Kapitulieren Niemals a read and you'll understand my point.

Overall Impression — 5
As Yggdrasil Trembles retains some of the charm and brute attitude found on Hammer Battalion, but it's still somewhat mind-boggling when you consider how little this band has changed or evolved in their 20+ years of existence. If you've heard an album or two by this band, you've definitely heard the style presented on As Yggdrasil Trembles. Unleashed's death metal is like eating at McDonalds. It's reliable, dependable and regardless of which menu (read: album) you choose, you know what you're gonna get. But therein lies the problem, because after 20 years of eating the same menu, the burger is pretty damn stale.

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    No matter what a band does, they are criticized. Well in some aspects, Unleashed have captured the brilliance of old school death metal, and continue to release it in pure for today. For that I can respect them. If the only band on my itunes was "Unleashed", then I would probably tire quickly. They are not, however, and I can rely on them always for great metal.
    Harsh review, nothing new, but nothing subpar either. Basically another Unleashed album.
    MC Lukesta
    @ xicetraex They don't "proclaim" themselves Viking Death Metal. They write lyrics about vikings, so therefore they are a death metal band with viking themes. Or are you too stubborn to grasp that concept?
    Awesome, Unleashed is amazing. Hope they stay the same with whatever else they put out.
    nah, this review is way off. Unleashed are ****ing awesome, and this album is one of the best of 2010 so far, hands down!
    they need to leave the reviewing to ppl that actually enjoy the band, not the guy who compares a band to eating at mcdonalds, but it was a great album, one of the best thus far for 2010 and hopefully a sign of what will be a good year in metal
    If youve heard an album or two by this band, youve definitely heard the style presented on As Yggdrasil Trembles. Bull shit the style has changed a and there is a big diference between ''As Yggdrasil'' and albums before 2004 You don't know a shit!
    A bit harsh, but I see where the reviewer is coming from. It's Unleashed fer gawd's sake. If you don't like what they do then you're not going to like them any more because of their new album. Me? I can't get the damn thing outta my head... and that's the way I like it!
    Any band that proclaims themselves as "viking death metal" harbors no respect from me. For example, some people say Amon Amarth is "viking metal," but they don't agree with that label, even if it fits their theme. They claim to be melodic death metal, which they are; they just write songs about vikings and the pagan gods. Point being: this band is lame .
    Metal Man Kam
    how about we just shut up about what band is what genre and just enjoy the ****ing music. It's so stupid when bands are like "hey lets be a metal band k?" they should just make music and people should enjoy it. I recently began writing my own songs on guitar and some could be classified as metal, some could definitely not. If i went professional everyone would be ****ed cuz they can't stick a genre on me