To Keep Us Safe Review

artist: Upon This Dawning date: 11/19/2012 category: compact discs
Upon This Dawning: To Keep Us Safe
Released: Oct 22, 2012
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Label: Fearless Records
Number Of Tracks: 13
These guys from Italy are very comparable to a band like Like Moths To Flames for musicianship.
 Sound: 3
 Lyrics: 2
 Overall Impression: 3
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overall: 2.7
To Keep Us Safe Reviewed by: vppark2, on november 19, 2012
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Sound: There is one word to describe this band. That word is puke. Given that I skimmed across this band after hearing their "Call Me Maybe" cover on the new "Punk Goes Pop" album, I am not at all impressed. This band is a prime example of everything in the -core genres. The deathcore screams, to the cheesy post-hardcore cleans to the overly used keyboard synths and drop C chugging get insanely redundant. Like, I cannot even say how in heaven's name, do they think the screaming fits in well with a poorly sounding singer. It's literally just like the way quite a few other bands sound like in this genre who are newcomers. // 3

Lyrics: Bringing forth lines like, "Look back It's the same old story You left me, you left me broken hearted I really need a new beginning again Now it's time to say goodbye Every second's just a hole in my mind, eeeaaaahhh". Let me just stop there... Hold on a second. Did I just read that? I could have easily written those lyrics myself. There's just no signs of "wow" or creativeness as you can see. I'm seeing lots of, well "cheesiness" I guess you could say. Even with a strange man like Chris Motionless giving a part in this song, he definitely does not make this song ANY better. "A New Beginning" clearly doesn't do the album any justice for quality fairness. Now it's funny how in the bands own words they even said that this song was about breaking up and the feeling you experience when you find out the person you love has betrayed you by cheating on you. I mean, my god, couldn't you have chosen cleverer lyrics? It's like I'm listening to someone who had just graduated from high school with nothing better to boast about. // 2

Overall Impression: So... These guys are from Italy. K, cool. I'm just very ashamed to have even stumbled upon these guys. I know it's their debut album and all, but... Let's get serious here, I'm not buying anything from these guys. Everything about them is totally lackluster, and is just bringing down the genre even more than what it was before. I mean, by god these guys are very comparable to a band like Like Moths To Flames for musicianship, and the fact that they both have only released their debuts albums so far. I think that these guys need to catch their breath, wait, and... I'm not sure. Maybe they should just stop making music then actually. // 3

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