Modern Vampires of the City review by Vampire Weekend

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  • Released: May 6, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (52 votes)
Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City

Sound — 7
Alternative indie rock band Vampire Weekend are making their 2013 return a broad one, with their new studio album, "Modern Vampires Of The City." The band is still relatively new, their first studio album being released just five years ago, yet they're a familiar name to most mainstream rock radio listeners. Their past two studio album have spawned a multitude of hits, which include "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance," "Oxford Comma," and "Holiday," the last of which was widely featured in television commercials and studio films. Just like with their earlier efforts, this new studio album is built around fresh sounding guitar licks and memorable vocal harmonies, which is proudly showcased throughout all 12 new tracks. Whether it's the slower paced rockers such as "Step" or "Ya Hey," or the more traditional riff racers like "Diane Young," Vampire Weekend only continues to strengthfully dominate. Their original, now signature sound has again been fully embraced, and helps add a familiar, slightly nostalgic feel to the entire album. Instead of an album that shows the band experimenting with different elements and style, "Modern Vampires Of The City" is just a collection of standout tracks that sounds like what you would casually expect to follow "Contra."

Lyrics — 8
Ask any fan of the band's earlier works, and they will tell you how much lead vocalist Ezra Koenig affected the band's sound. He isn't one of those singers that adds dizzying amounts of swagger and attitude into his performance, and he isn't one of those singer that applies mood altering amounts of depression into his singing style. He falls somewhere in between, which helps provide each track with a moderately positive feel and attitude, and always is what brings a song together when musically it's a bit lacking.

Overall Impression — 8
"Modern Vampires Of The City" is a standout effort from alt rockers Vampire Weekend that has the group embracing their own personal musical style without even encouraging any outside influences, which leads for a consistently enjoyable listening experience. A worthy followup to the band's existing catalogue, that any established fan will be able to appreciate, and has enough of a light positive feel to attract any newcomer.

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    It's good, but not great. I feel they just haven't progressed musically. Only problem with the album
    Gerard Way Jr
    /mu/ is flipping shit over this album and the 9.3 Pitchfork etc have given it. Still trying to figure out why.
    I can't talk about this album since I'm still waiting for a copy of it to arrive to Portugal, but I have both albums by them and my opinion about them is quite simple; they are good at what they do. They don't go for instrumental dexterity or even complex composition (although M79 and Taxi Cab are interesting; also the use of autotune in California English is quite clever). They just created this very specific mood that is all about the higher ranks of society, kind of like faux noblemen, and their music (not counting their last album) embraces this mood with near perfection. That said, I only agree partially with the acclaim of the band in general. They're original with a very specific sound and you can't deny they aren't good musicians (especially live, as many people pointed out), also, they are extremely accessible while actually being good. I'd give their first album a 9, and their second album a 6 (I'm really strict with these rates), so I don't find them the gods and saviors of music. They're simply fun and good at what they do. EDIT: If you think they're even on the same genre of Panic! At The Disco, you're way off to begin with. Just my opinion man.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Well, what I'm saying is I don't know. The premise seems reminiscent of Panic, that's all. But hey, no damage. I love getting thumbs downs for not stating an opinion.
    Just so you know I didn't thumb you down. I never thumb down opinion, unless someone is being a complete bag of douche. I was just making an argument. I actually like discussing this type of stuff.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Nah, man, I was referring to the anonymous *whomsoever*. How dare I mention a highly successful websitesite on a barely-acknowledged websitesite
    I don't really see this as a milestone in contemporary music history either, but to be completely honest I never figured the hype about Vampire Weekend (except they're all cute so girls are big fans). For the fanboys, here's a disclaimer: I'm not bashing the band, I'm just saying I think they're not as good as everyone pretends them to be. Their live concerts are alot of fun, though
    Gerard Way Jr
    But 9.3...? Isn't that sort of rating reserved for DSOTM or A Night at the Opera? And, like you, I'm not bashing the band or anything - I don't know enough about them to do so. It just baffles me that a band that, on paper, sounds like a cousin of Panic at the Disco (baroque pop, being called "Vampire Weekend") is getting such attention. >shouldn't talk >is on UG Team >they insist you give higher ratings
    I don't know a lot about Vampire Weekend either (they were extremely good live, so I'm checking them out)- but from a couple of listens to Diane Young I think it's one of the best 'popular' songs to come out for a long time.
    By saying they're not as good as everyone "pretends" them to be you kind of are bashing them. I don't know if you think that means something else, but according to what you've written you're accusing every fan of pretending to like them for some unknown reason lol I don't pretend Vampire Weekend are one of my favourite bands I genuinely enjoy their music and am gutted I've not managed to see them live yet!
    "By saying they're not as good as everyone "pretends" them to be you kind of are bashing them" Not true. Saying something is overrated is not the same as bashing it. Just that their portrayal and glowing reviews perhaps go beyond the standard at which they are at. You could absolutely adore this band and hold them close to your heart and still believe they get some kind of elevation beyond their worth.
    Wow, that was a terribly written review... Seriously, the one for Michael Buble's new album has more depth to it. It's a decent album (Vampires, not Michael Buble) although I agree it's not world changing. The last few tracks are very clever, almost leonard Cohen like...
    Saw them live at coachella this year. I honestly never liked Vampire Weekend, but their live show was quite phenomenal. I just can't seem to get into the whole groove of this type of indie rock. Not really my cup of tea, nevertheless I appreciate their live show. Any band that is as good or better live than in studio gets plus points in my book.
    Great album, but didn't quite live up to the hype in my opinion. The singles were by far two of the best tracks, so when the whole thing was released, I was a bit disappointed. I still like it, though. And maybe it will grow on me.