A Different Kind Of Truth review by Van Halen

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  • Released: Feb 7, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (130 votes)
Van Halen: A Different Kind Of Truth

Sound — 10
This Album is beyond amazing! So I'm gonna do a song by song break down. 01. "Tattoo" - This song is basically the "Jump" of this album because it is really radio friendly. But despite that, it still kicks ass with a great intro and solo, and I also love the heavy guitar licks in the verse. The lyrical content of this song was confusing at first but then I saw a video of DLR explaining it and then it made the lyrics mean alot more to me than when I first heard the song. 02. "She's The Woman" - Many people, when they heard tattoo as the opening single for this album, stated that Van Halen weren't as heavy as they were on songs like "Panama", "Unchained", and "Mean Street"... But this song proves that they still kick a-s! And no I don't care if it is an old reworked demo! 03. "You And Your Blues" - This song starts out with choppy blues licks from EVH and David Lee Roth kicks in with the vocals. This song is somewhat laid back but it still has a catchy chorus and the verse guitar riff is infectious! 04. "China Town" - All I'm gonna say about this song is... That its AWESOME! It opens with a LEGIT Tapping lick from EVH and then David Lee starts singing about China Tooooowwwwn! Its one of my fav tracks! Also the Drums in the Verse is very fast and heavy! 05. "Blood And Fire" - Another laid back song with a clean intro reminiscent of "Little Guitars". The Chorus is very catchy and the guitar break around 2:40 is Epic! 06. "Bullethead" - This is another one of my favorite tracks! I love the lead guitar parts in this song! Ba Ba Ba Ba Bullethead! It has a great hook and starts off with a haunting guitar screech that soon leads into a very fast riff! I love the guitar tone that EVH has during the solo! 07. "As Is" - This is one of the HEAVIEST Van Halen Songs EVER! I'm not sure but it sounds like EVH is playing in a Drop Tuning (Maybe C#). But the intro contains thunder like drums and earth shattering guitar tone!. Oh and the Guitar Solo at 2:07 reminded me so much of Might Morphin Power Rangers Theme, but that doesn't mean it doesn't kick a-s! 08. "Honeybabysweetiedoll" - The Intro is very haunting and EPIC! But the insane riff in the first verse shouldn't even be legal its so heavy! Love DLR's Vocals on this song especially in the verse because he sounds so serious! This song must be in some drop tuning as well. At 2:20 that unorthodox guitar solo is one of my favorite moments in the entire album! Because it sounds so heavy and exotic! 09. "The Trouble With Never" - EVH's Wah Tone on this song is very addicting! Also love the lyrics in this song! When the song slows down at around 2:18 and DLR does the real low key monologue, My head almost explodes from all the epicness of it! 10. "Outta Space" - This song also contains another very infectious hook! But like all of the songs on this album, EVH's Guitar Tone overwhelms me! HE'S OUTTA SPACE! 11. "Stay Frosty" - This song should be called, Ice Cream Man 2.0! It is very catchy and brings back the spirit of the Van Halen 1 album! The song has a really unexpected heavy barrage of riffs around the 1:10 mark! 12. "Big River" - This song starts off with a clean intro but then a bass slide from Wolfgang leads into another epic EVH riff! Love the vocal notes DLR holds from the end of the verse up until the chorus! BIG RIVER! This song has a huge harmonic dive bomb at around 1:13. 13. "Beats Workin'" - The Opening Chord has alot of reverb and it sounds so epic with headphones! This is a great ending song for this album because ends with the same chords from the intro which are very good for closing!

Lyrics — 10
The Lyrics on this album are great! They are a hell of alot better than Sammy Hagar writing songs about breakfast! I love how the inside pamphlet of the album has handwritten lyrics from DLR himself! The Best Lyrical content can be found in "China Town", "Tattoo", and "Outta Space".

Overall Impression — 10
This album is by far the best album from Van Halen every since David Left the band. Sammy Hagar can suck it! Diamond Dave is back and so is the real Van Halen! If I lost this album I would probably die, but if is survived I definitely would buy it again! Some people have bitched about David's upper register being limited, Of course David's upper register is gonna be somewhat limited after all of these years but it doesn't really matter because DLR still kicked a-s on this album!

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    Any body that is disappointed with this album do this and then tell me if you are still disappointed... Step 1. Play any song from Van Halen 2 and then play She's The Woman! Step 2. Get some really good headphones and listen to Honeybabysweetiedoll and tell me if it doesnt kick your ass!!! Step 3. Listen To China Town and then try not to get it stuck in your head! China Tooooowwwn! People That are disappointed with the previews should really buy the album so it can prove you wrong! I was somewhat disappointed when i heard some of the previews but they previews dont do the album justice!!! Get metal back on the charts and kick adele off of the #1 Spot!!! BUY THIS ALBUM!!!
    As a die heard classic Van Halen lover, i was very pleased and happy with this album. I love every track!