Van Halen II review by Van Halen

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  • Released: Mar 23, 1979
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (30 votes)
Van Halen: Van Halen II

Sound — 10
Van Halen makes an ultimate comeback to the music scene with their second studio album, "Van Halen II". Much was naturally expected from the band after their debut album, but the band did much more than deliver: they evolved. They officially applied those harmonious backup vocals we heard once or twice in their debut album to each and every song off their second album. Amazing Eddie Van Halen guitar solos dominate each and every song. Diamond David Lee Roth unleashes flawless screeches to every song he sings. "Van Halen II" simply is the key to the band's signature, infamous sound. "You're No Good" is an excellent to kick off the band's return. Dave's screams and screetches in the chorus are the icing on the cake. You don't have to wait for a killer EVH guitar solo like we did on their debut album: Eddie returns stronger than ever in the middle of the first track! "Dance The Night Away" is the lighter rock song off this album, but is another perfect Van Halen hit. Everything about this song is perfect sounding, with Eddie Van Halen and Michael Anthony's backup vocals taking this track over the top. That classic, heavy sounding Van Halen music returns with the mega-hit, "Somebody Get Me A Doctor". Van Halen gets rid of that slow paced, light rock sound we heard in the first two tracks off the album and replaces it with distorted perfection and a quick, killer beat. Dave doesn't hold back when it comes to vocals: his high pitched screams add another touch of greatness with each second he sings. The guitar delay we hear Eddie Van Halen use before his signature solo adds yet another touch of uniqueness to this great song. Things slow down but stay nice and heavy with the next hit, "Bottoms Up!". The band continues to capture that perfect sound with this song. You have to smile when you hear the tempo change halfway through the song where Dave laughs and gives his signature "Whoop!". The album speeds back up with the next hit, "Outta Love Again". The band continues to deliver another flawless album with this track. The unique guitar riffs on this song just add on to how great this song and album is. The uniqueness continues with the next song, "Light Up The Sky". One of my favorite songs off this album, everything about this song is amazing. When Dave contributes to those great harmonious backup vocals, it just sound awesome. When the tempo changes, Dave does something similar to Pink Floyd's "Goodbye Blue Sky" when he sings his highpitched "Momma see the firelights! They're coming out tonight!". It just adds to another great album experience. "Spanish Fly" is most the "Eruption" guitar solo for this album, except this time Eddie Van Halen shows off his talent with a new, unique solo on an acoustic guitar. Eddie continues to make me feel like a terrible guitarist each time I heard this amazing guitar solo. The hard rock sound returns with another Van Halen superhit, "D.O.A.". Another one of my all time favorite Van Halen songs, this song is like a prequel to "Unchained", as both have a great, similar sound. "Women In Love" is most like a slower version of "Dance The Night Away", but each time we get to the prechorus, we begin to hear those signature, chill-brining backup vocals. Just like on the band's debut album, the album refuses to end on a slow pace! We get a little faster and a little harder sounding song to end on, "Beautiful Girls". Michael Anthony, Eddie Van Halen, and David Lee Roth create perfect harmonies for this song, which makes this song that much greater. The entire album is flawless and great sounding, from beginning to end. This album most notably has the band finding their true, signature sound, which makes this album a great surprise and just amazing.

Lyrics — 10
Diamond David Lee Roth once again proves to be the signature sound of Van Halen with this amazing album. His great vocals as well as his screams and his natural personality brings this album over the top. However, Michael Anthony and Eddie Van Halen prove to be even more essential to the band with this album. Each song contains their signature backup vocals that will prove to be one of the most important parts to this band's sound. Together, this band is on top of the world, and their new sound will eventually bring them to "Outta Space"!

Overall Impression — 10
"Van Halen II" is the perfect follow-up album by the hard rock superstars, Van Halen. As much as I loved the band's debut album, I love this album a lot more! I believe it is with this album that the band finds what their true sound will be, and those backup vocals just help dominate each and every song off this album. The entire band once again shows how talented they are, and together they change the music world once again. I love every song off this album, but the most impressive songs off this album have to be: 1. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 2. D.O.A. 3. Light Up The Sky 4. You're No Good 5. Spanish Fly I cannot bring myself to hate anything off this album! This album in my eyes is just perfection. Once again, if this album were stolen from me, the thief would later be electrocuted while picking up his guitar! Van Halen continues to dominate the world with this amazing album, and would continue to for years to come.

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    ^ My opinion has changed, it has very good songs. I don't like the song "Outta Love Again" that much, it's a decent song but not that great.
    "Women In Love" is most like a slower version of "Dance The Night Away", but each time we get to the prechorus, we begin to hear those signature, chill-brining backup vocals.
    I disagree with it being a slower version of "Dance the Night Away". I think "Dance" was very pop kind of song, not that impressive as a song, but "Women in Love" has one of the best Van Halen intros and it has a great feeling. One of my favorite songs, though I have listened to it too much so I don't listen to it any more that much. "Somebody Get Me a Doctor" is a great song too.