Van Halen III Review

artist: Van Halen date: 09/17/2010 category: compact discs
Van Halen: Van Halen III
Released: Mar 17, 1998
Genre: Hard rock
Label: Warner Bros.
Number Of Tracks: 12
It is so painful to think that this was created by legendary musicians that are Van Halen.
 Sound: 3
 Lyrics: 2
 Overall Impression: 2
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overall: 2.3
Van Halen III Reviewed by: guitfiddleRR, on september 17, 2010
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Sound: Well, where do I begin on this, the most disappointing Van Halen release to date? From track one this album will have you repenting on buying it. You might be thinking "This may be the one with Gary Cherone singing, but its still EVH. The music still has to be good, right?", Wrong! I don't know what they were thinking when they made this, I really don't. Alex's drum tone is terrible. Eddie's guitar tone is alright, but the performances are lengthy and repetitive. So many of these repetitive and uncreative songs are so unbearably long that you will be begging for the end of the song halfway through. Long songs are not VH's style, especially uncreative boring ones. Eddie, what gives? // 3

Lyrics: Now we get to go over, easily, the worst part. Gary Cherone fronting Van Halen. If you are one of those people who hates Sammy Hagar, listen to this. You will be begging for him afterwards. Cherone, as far as this performance, was nothing but a very cheap Sammy Hagar copycat. At least when Hagar entered the band, he brought fourth a new, original approach to the lyric and vocal work. It seems that this time around, Van Halen wished to still sound just like Sammy, but still capitalized on the idea of having a third front man (hence the title, VH III). What an insult to their audience. This is even an insult to Sammy Hagar. The lyrics themselves are in the same styles as "Balance" and the bonus tracks on best of vol. 1. Also repetitive and boring. // 2

Overall Impression: When I saw that no one on here had reviewed this album yet, I was not surprised, and I jumped at the chance to review this piece of audible fecal matter. It is so painful to think that this was created by legendary musicians that are Van Halen. The only good thing is that VH themselves have admitted that it is a bad album. We can only hope that they learned their lesson. I would highly recommend this album to VH fans who hate Sammy Hagar (explained previously), but don't buy it, just listen to it online, once. As for the stolen question. I never bought it to begin with. I listened to it once when it came out, and once just before I did this review, and I'd be happy to never hear it again. // 2

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