Hope For Haiti Now review by Various

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  • Released: Jan 22, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (8 votes)
Various: Hope For Haiti Now

Sound — 9
Hope For Haiti Now really has excellent music on it, and the proceeds go to Haiti charities. It has some group performances I NEVER though would happen. Even though now you can only purchase the album on itunes, it will soon be available in stores. Very soon, I'm guessing, because it has already broke a couple records on itunes with a proceed of $54 million and counting. The charity of the album is good, but the sound of the album is a mix of rock, country, r&b, rap, pop, and carribean music stars, making for one wierd selection of music. It basically has something to satisfy everyone.

Lyrics — 8
Most of the songs have something inspirational to them, because the theme is Hope For Haiti. Here's what I think of the tracks: 01. Alicia Keys- Send Me an Angel: good piano and vocals, although very shakey vocals on the big notes at the end. 7 02. Coldplay- A Message 2010: good vocals as usual from Coldplay, excallent song, excellent acoustic guitar. 9 03. Bruce Springsteen- We Shall Overcome: good acoustic guitar riff by Bruce, good vocals. 8 04. Stevie Wonder- A Time To Love/Bridge Over Troubled Water: one of the artists I don't like, but respect. good vocals. good piano. 7 05. Shakira feat. The Roots- I'll Stand By You: I've always been annoyed by her voice. good song. 7 06. John Legend- Motherless Child: I like this song. good vocals. 8 07. Mary J. Blige feat. The Roots- Hard Times (Come Again No More): I Like It. 7 08. Taylor Swift- Breathless: nice song. no doubt she wrote it. 7 09. Christina Aguilera- Lift Me Up: not the best, but enjoyable. 7 10. Sting- Driven To Tears: good. 7 11. Beyonce- Halo: I like this song. catchy. 8 12. Keith Urban, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow- Lean on Me: excellent. one of the standouts of the album. 9 13. Madonna- Like a Prayer: good. not great. 6 14. Justin Timberlake feat. Charlie Sexton- Hallelujah: probably the best remake of that song ever. excellent. 9 15. Jennifer Hudson feat. The Roots- Let It Be: very good. 8 16. Emeline Michel- Many Rivers To Cross: not my favorite track. good though. 7 17. Bono, the Edge, Jay-Z and Rihanna- Stranded(Haiti Mon Amour)-Live: the wierdest mix on the album, but one of the best. 9 18. Dave Matthews and Neil Young- Alone and Forsaken: good voice mix. Neil's not so young anymore, is he. 8 19. Wyclef Jean- Rivers of Babylon/Yele(Medley): wierd song, but inspirational. 7 20. Bono, the Edge, Jay-Z and Rihanna- Stranded(Haiti Mon Amour)-1.0: cool, better than the live version. 9

Overall Impression — 9
This album really does have something for any music lover. I really respect all kinds of music though, so I like everything. I like the mix of music. Awesome. Releasing some of these tracks to radio would be a good idea. I'm sure any one of these would climb the charts. Great cause, great album. Sincerely, Guitarslinger

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    it's good that a charity album is doing all the good it can. it would've been better if you'd elaborate more on each songs rather than saying "good vocals,good piano" and a number grade. *first..or is it?!*
    I have high doubts that Justin Timberlake and Charlie Sexton managed to make a Hallelujah better than Buckley's, but we shall see. Whether you like the artists or not, no one will dispute that it's great people are attempting to raise money and help the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti. Also, since all of the proceeds go to helping the victims, it's a good way to make sure people don't illegally download the album. You'd have to be quite an ***** haha.
    wow..is this simon cowell reviewing this album? its describing the album well..not ur god dam opinion..
    It'd have been nice if there were more originals, but respect to the artists for contributing so quickly
    I saw the broadcast on television. They did get a decent mix of genres. However, this is a completely different album than the linkin park charity album, with slash and them.
    BBoyBlaZe wrote: wow..is this simon cowell reviewing this album? its describing the album well..not ur god dam opinion..
    It's called a review, not a description...