Kerrang: Maiden Heaven review by Various Artists

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  • Released: Jul 16, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (22 votes)
Various Artists: Kerrang: Maiden Heaven

Sound — 7
The production to be fair is very hit and miss. It is a free CD however so who's complaining. In terms of the sound of the bands, only a few pull of a good cover and the rest are kind of below par. However, the CD is nonetheless a nice listen for maiden fans and will also give people who don't know maiden that well a chance to really get into their music.

Lyrics — 10
Iron Maiden lyrics have always been over the top in my opinion but they've also always been very good. A lot better than the standard of lyrics we get now. Very imaginative and they've always kept a certain theme going on each album.

Overall Impression — 8
01. Prowler - this is a cover by Black Tide. I'd heard of this band but never heard there music. I thought this was one of the better covers. Some very nice playing and the vocals were great too. This track was also well mixed in my opinion. I can see why they put this as track 1. 02. Remember Tomorrow - this was Metallica's effort. I enjoyed this cover like I did Black Tides. Great vocals and a very tight performance. The production was also good on this track. My only hate here is Kirk and his Wah. Couldn't even hear the solo and like most of his solo attempts, the effect is overused and not tastefully used with that. Solid track. 03. Flash Of The Blade - this was by Avenged Sevenfold. I really don't like this band but the cover wasn't terrible. The vocals were a real let down, too quiet and his voice leaves a lot to be desired. The guitars were fine and the drums were good too. 04. Two Minuted To Midnight - this was by GotK, who I have never heard of. I thought this cover was fine. It was an Emo cover. The production on this track isn't good at all. It's very muddy throughout. The vocals sounded fine. The soloing was of a decent standard too. Just too muddy. 05. The Trooper - Coheed and Cambria. I really didn't like this cover at all. First off the guitars sound of of tune and the sound with that isn't great. The vocals were fine up until the chorus which was a bit patchy. I did like the verse harmony though. The solo's were horrible. 06. Wasted Years - Devildriver. I really don't know what Kerrang did here. This is arguably one of Maiden's most vocal melodic and upbeat tracks and they gave it to a band that screams. It may work with a band such as Children of Bodom or Inflames but not with a band as heavy as this. Other than the vocals, everything else was fine. The guitars were very impressive - very nice modifications of the original solo phrases I thought. 07. Run To The Hills - Sign. I was expecting to hate this but it wasn't all that bad until the verse. Nice approach to the song from the quieter intro but then I really don't know what they did after that, it was awful. The drumming was off throughout. I think in the end they just tried to change too much of it which isn't what this CD was about I don't think. 08. To Tame A Land - Dream Theatre. One of the best on the CD. Suits DT totally. Great sound throughout, great playing, good vocals. Top Cover. 09. Caught Somewhere In Time - Madina Lake. This is probably my favourite Maiden song and I'll be honest, this wasn't a terrible cover. They changed it a lot but it still sounded pretty good overall. Not a patch on the original but it wasn't too bad. You wouldn't expect a band of this kind to cover such an Epic song as come out of it alive but they did... just. 10. Wrathchild - Gallows. Really didn't like this cover. The best part about this song is that sweet bass line but in this cover it's almost unaudible. Didn't like their sound one bit. The drumming was fine. I suppose I'd like this if I was a new punk fan but as it is now no. 11. Fear Of The Dark - Fightstar. OK, Fightstar suck, but, this was a good cover. The vocals worked well, everything sound tight and well produced. This isn't an easy song to cover but they did a good job. The solos were better then I expected from this band too. 12. Hallowed Be Thy Name - Machine Head. I heard the live version of their cover it was terrible but the actual recording sounds much better. Perhaps Machine Head are just not that great live? I don't know. Nice vocals on this and well produced. 13. Iron Maiden - Trivium. I don't know if it was me but the intro sounded dodgy. Travis Smith is great drummer and he added a nice feel to this. The vocals were also good. I like Pre-Crusade Trivium. I didn't like the Metallica-esk rip off. They sound like they've gone back to the old days on this track and I like it. 14. Running Free - Year Long Disaster. I agree with the review before. Sounded like an exact replica of Green Day. The vocals were off throughout and the guitars were average. 15. Brave New World - Ghostlines. A nice ending to the CD. Very laid back and relaxing. Vocals sound very good and the piano was a very nice touch. Nice solo too. Didn't go too over the top with it - kept it very in tune with the track tempo and style which worked very well. This wasn't a bad CD to say it was free. I think what we've learned is that it is possible to cover Maiden well but leave it to decent bands. The best tracks were Prowler, Remember Tomorrow, To Tame A Land and Fear Of The Dark. The worst was Run To The Hills, seriously, hat were they doing.

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    good lord ... what have they done to run to the hills? There used to be a cool riff in that song but now .... gone. rest isnt to bad though