Kerrang: Maiden Heaven review by Various Artists

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  • Released: Jul 16, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (22 votes)
Various Artists: Kerrang: Maiden Heaven

Sound — 10
This compilation album features 15 great Maiden anthems covered by our favourite bands, given away for free by an awesome music magazine, what more can we ask for? The sound is phenominal, the original songs by Maiden are already well done but on this disc the bands (including metal giants such as Metallica, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Machine Head and Dream Theater) all pushed themselves to outdo Maiden, and the results are amazing. Some bands chose to cover songs in a more "classic Maiden" style whilst other bands have decided to put their wn twist to the songs, both formulas work great and it's a treat to hear all these great riffs and solos played/interpreted differently by these different bands.

Lyrics — 8
Whilst some of the songs have been interpreted differently the lyrics have stayed the same and so the lyrical themes do not change and they are the classic Maiden fair that in my opinion isn't good nor bad, the vocals by the various bands are done well although for some tracks (Run In The Fields) the singer sounds just like a girl and the vocals were kind of whiny, other wise the lyrics/vocals department is fine.

Overall Impression — 10
With such a great selection of bands and songs, you'd be missing out if you didn't buy the magazine for this album, the track listing is well thought out, featuring many classic songs and one or two lesser well-known tunes, it clearly displays the genius of Maiden and the bands who are covering the songs and the awesome track listing can rival any "greatest hits" packages that Maiden have released. Whether you love Maiden or you're simply a fan of some of the bands on this album, I would seriously advise you to get a hold of this album while it's still for sale with the magazine or somehow download it, it's over an hour of metal genius that anyone would enjoy.

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    I think it was BALLSY of Sign to do what they did, and I can respect them for having the creative freedom to do that.
    Symmetry4321 wrote: Machine Head: Awesome guitars, mostly good vocals also
    I just know you're referring to the 'Mark my words' section, which I thought worked brilliantly. If they'd kept the original riff, it would have been miles out of place, but they Machine Headed it up and it sounded awesome. I also personally like the Gallows and Devildriver ones. If they'd tried to be Maiden, we'd be lynching them right now, but they put their own twist on the songs and for that I applaud them. And's like they wrote their own (bad) song and then nicked the lyrics from RTTH. *Shakes head*