Kerrang: Remastered review by Various Artists

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (43 votes)
Various Artists: Kerrang: Remastered

Sound — 9
This re-recording of the great Metallica album Master Of Puppets, is almost too good to be a free cover-album. Almost all the song are covered perfect! It's recorded and released, along with issue 1102 of the Kerrang! magazine. Awesome.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics are the same. The difference is the vocals (of course), and they are pretty good. Except for the Mendeed-cover of The thing that should not be. It sucks!

Overall Impression — 10
Overall it is a very good cover-album compared to it being for free. 01. Battery - Machine Head does this song perfect, sounds very much like the original. Great guitar-work, nice vocals. You can't find any other cover of this song, this great! Exelent. 02. Master Of Puppets - awesome cover, Trivium is a great band and they are only about 20 years old all of them. And that they can play this legendary song that good, respect. 03. The Thing That Should Not Be - this is IMO the poorest song on this album. Mendeed front-figure does the vocals like shit! It is false singing! They have added an extra solo, which is okay, but it doesn't fit in. 04. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - this song is covered good by Bullet For My Valentine. Slower than the original. The vocals could have been better, but otherwise good.. Great instruments. 05. Disposable Heroes - this song is played very good by Chimaira. Sounds almost as the original. The only difference (and minus) is the screaming, which Mark Hunter does all the way through the song. Great solo, Rob Arnold rules! As a whole it is a very nice cover! 06. Leper Messiah - nice job done by Fightstar. Sounds much as the original, and the vocals are quite nice! Great solo. 07. Orion - I have never really heard anything from Mastodon, but now I think I'll go borrow some CD's! Well I haven't heard vocals from Mastodon since Orion is an instrumental track, but the instruments is just incredible! Very very nice work! Plus it's done in its full length! 28:58. That's awesome done! 08. Damage Inc. - good cover by Funeral For A Friend. Great work by the guitarists! Despite the, more or less, failed cover of The thing that should not be, which Mendeed f--ks completely up, this album is totally one to own! Great work from (almost) all the artists!

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    I think the fighttar cover is terrible, they didnt put enough... power into it. Vocals were terrible, andguitar just sounded boring. The rest of it wasnt that great, apart from battery. But the main reason i got it wa sbecuase i'm a huge mastodon fan so i was really looking forward to hear something new by them. But iwas disapointed by it, but then grew on me, and then they released their own remastered verison which sounds a bit better
    dimebag7 wrote: whoever says its better than the original is utterly retarded.
    I agree!..
    NFFC_1865 wrote: Mendeed are great. Although a little underground for all the mainstream people who, like you, will state they are the worst band on the allbum. However, they are amazing live - just been to see them with about 50 other people at Rock city and they were amazing.
    note the last thing he said... "With about 50 other people.." LOL.. 'Mendeed are truly a great band'.. yir right
    fightstar suck, i dont care about mendeed and the other bands rule!!!(esp. trivium and bullet!)
    Shredder Guitar
    to Nuums, playing master of puppets in its entirety isnt that difficult for 20 something year olds. metallica wrote it in their 20's. it shouldnt be all that surprising. but good review, nonetheless.