Teenage Licks review by Various Artists

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  • Released: Feb 27, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (8 votes)
Various Artists: Teenage Licks

Sound — 9
Hanoi Rocks is a finnish glam/sleaze rock band who reached a cult status in many countries and even influenced Guns N'Roses. They were the first glam rock band in Finland and had potential to become big. Their fourth album "Two steps from the move" was their breakthrough album in many countries. Their biggest international hit was the CCR cover "Up Around the bend". Hanoi Rocks were on the edge to international stardom but after the drummer Razzles tragical death in a car accident (driver Vince Neil) the band decided to quit and honour Razzles memorie (but the band was reformed 2002, though with only two of the original members: Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy). The album is filled with great '80s music. Glam and Sleaze rock with a little taste of punk (in my oppinion), but also with a few rock ballads. You easily get caught in the music, and the Saxophone solos by Michael Monroe are hypnotizing. There aren't that much guitar solos though.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are great aswell. The rock ballads Million Miles Away and Don't you ever leave me are have very beautiful lyrics (Million Miles Away is dedicated to Razzle). The guitarist Andy McCoy wrote the most of the songs but the song Boiler is a song where everyone in the band is singing. It's a song where the whole band is having fun. Sometimes the lyrics are very funny (especially when someone in the band sings with a british accent). Singer Michael Monroes voice is truly flourishing in the album. They got a chance to become famous so they had to start getting serious. Michael Monroe is one of those rare singers who actually can sing as good as he sings in the record. And he has a great voice. He sings together with Axl Rose the song "Ain't it fun" on hte Guns N'Roses album "Spaghetti Incident?!" (took me a while to realise that cause they sound pretty much alike).

Overall Impression — 9
There isn't a singel bad song on the album but the best songs on the album are: the CCR cover Up Around the bend, the rock ballads Million Miles Away and Don't you ever leave me, the great rock n roll songs "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", "I Can't Get It", "Underwater World", "Cutting Corners", "High School" etc. I just love the album cause it's pure '80s rock. Not as heavy as Mtley Cres but something you'd love to play like on a road trip for exampel. And the album is very energic and funny. It is a shame that Hanoi Rocks ended up the way they did. They could have been huge. The only bad thing about the album is that it's hard to find sometimes and the song Oil&Gasoline could have been left out from the album.

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