Children Of Our Mistakes Review

artist: Vayden date: 07/04/2008 category: compact discs
Vayden: Children Of Our Mistakes
Release Date: 2008
Label: Silent Majority Group
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
Vayden probably wouldn't make the break-through of the year, but they can make some decent listening.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Children Of Our Mistakes Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 04, 2008
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Sound: When the band doesn't know how to describe their music or don't want to admit they try to sound exactly like Audioslave, they say something indistinctive like It is hard to describe our music or We can't commit to any particular genre. Vayden describe their music in the most ordinary way you can ever think of -- Everything you've ever imagined yet nothing you've ever heard and Influenced by Good and Evil. Though it turns out to be not as boring as it might seems. Children Of Our Mistakes is Vayden debut album. It was released in 2006 and now, after the band has been through a lot of changes, is being re-released on Silent Majority Group. The music is very energetic, intense and inventive. That is related both to the instruments and the arrangements. Curtis Casey claims the band's drummer Bruce Weitz can do anything that is rhythmically possible with two wooden sticks. The same can be said about guitar player Rob Robbins. Both of them don't loose the chance to showcase their possibilities. Thanx to the guys' taste they don't overload the music by demonstrating their skills like most metal bands. Though gamma exercises still appear a few times on the record (Nothing To Say would be a good example). The guys try to vary their songs with different effects, mix minor and major harmonies and intrigue the listener by changing the moods unexpectedly within the track. Like Welcome that starts very gentle and breaks into heavy-hitter suddenly. Though some moments are too obviously borrowed from someone else. Those Hey! and Play in the verses of Anthem Of The Used make you think of Nirvana at once. Overall the track is ok, but those verses are a shame. The closing track Zoe's Song is a tearful acoustic song about the daughter of Weitz who died in a car accident. Casey tries really hard to show how much it hurts him and as a result, he overacts. // 8

Lyrics: The band manages to avoid trite rhythms and create some interesting poetry. The lyrics are meaningful and always very emotional. Vocalist Curtis Casey kind of lives through every song himself. The way he enunciate the words in Karma Is A Professional Wrestler, soars in Fallen, screams at the top of his lungs in Nothing To Say. He might not be the greatest singer out there, but he's performing his duties in the band well. The vocals follow the vivid inventive atmosphere of the album. Upbeat Uniform features a break-down with kids' chorals that sound like a prayer. The best thing about it is that they are not just stuck in the middle of the song without no particular reason, but follow the conception of the track. // 9

Overall Impression: The band is quite creative and attentive to the details -- nothing on the album happened to be there just because. Like the title of the album Children Of Our Mistakes that has a background story -- every mistake you make spawns a metaphorical child, and that "child" might just grow up to take the wrong path. So it reminds us to be aware of our actions and their effects. Another interesting thing can be discovered when you turn the CD cover upside down -- it looks exactly the same. In spite of their heavy genre, the music is very melodic and would suite the taste of those listening to metal and those who are not. Everything is done very neat -- there are no obvious downs on the album. Vayden probably wouldn't make the break-through of the year, but they can make some decent listening. // 8

- Kosh (c) 2008

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