Contraband review by Velvet Revolver

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  • Released: Jun 8, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (155 votes)
Velvet Revolver: Contraband

Sound — 10
I loved this record from the moment I heard it was coming out. I've been a fan of STP since the early 90's when they came on the scene. And GnR, I need to say nothing more. These two musical talents combined to create a timeless cd and sound. Its just what we need to get rock to the level it should be at. From the driving guitars on sucker train blues to the melodies on Loving The Alien it's one of those cds that I would give my life for.

Lyrics — 10
Scott Weiland is the f---ing man. After all this time and the shit he's gone though, he's on top once again. He fronted one of my favorite bands for years, STP. And have you ever heard 12 bar blues(weilands solo album,'94), what a awesome, unique album. His lyrics are heartfelt, emotional rollercoasters from his own life and troubles. I have never had a problem understanding what he is saying. I'm not putting anyone down that said he was a bad writer, it's your own opinion. The lyrics are poetry that are supposed to make you think. And did I forget to say that, he can sing! In my opinion, one of the best rock voices of the last decade. He is an amazing songwriter that will go down in history. He will have his place in the Rock and roll hall of fame. Along with STP and GnR.

Overall Impression — 10
It is impossible to find the best band ever, because music is all opinion based. But this album has brought a new meaning to the word "Rock!" I loved slither since I saw the video for the first time.And when I bought the album, I fell in love with fall to pieces and You got no right. But I would be remiss not to mention the rest of the great songs on this album. The whole thing is the best album to come out in a while. I love the style of Weiland's vocals and the drive of the whole band. It just gets you going everytime you play it. My cd player doesn't know any other cds but that one, cause it hasn't come out since I bought it. (I bought the white one.) Some one already stole my appitite cd and I would die if someone stole this one. So don't steal it! I was thinking about buying a backup just in case. It gets a 5 rating all around. Oh and don't forget to buy STP "Thank You" (greatest hits) and GnR greatest hits, your collection won't be complete without them!

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