Libertad review by Velvet Revolver

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  • Released: Jul 3, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (302 votes)
Velvet Revolver: Libertad

Sound — 9
Having just listened to Libertad I felt that I would like to share my insight on one of my favorite bands and there achievement. Yes, achievement I feel that critics have claimed that Libertad is nothing like Contraband. Yet when the critics reviewed 'She builds quick machines' they were stating that this album was going to be to much alike contraband. Now I for one feel that however it would sound critics would moan! So I for one have to say that as a fan and a critic per-say I feel VR have achieved something phenomenal and that is that. 01. Let It Roll - just like Sucker Train Blues was on Contraband, a great opening track! Typical Slash/Dave Riffing and licking. Defiantly my favorite track on the album. 02. She Mine - like many of the songs on the album she mine had a very STP feel about it. nice riffing again and solo is slash standards! 03. Get Out The Door - very Catchy, Has a nice tempo and structure. 04. She Builds Quick Machines - typical VR, nicely put together and a perfect winner of the first single slot. 05. The Last Fight - Libertad's 'Fall to Pieces' a very nice melody and structure giving the song a nice feel and sound. 06. American Man - very Punk rock, not the best VR could've done, but it is still got some good points one being the solo. 07. Mary Mary - very nicely put together, matt's drumming is very definitive, but in this song to me it sticks out and I love it! 08. Just Sixteen - probably a nice candidate for an upcoming single, nicely laid out and a very good song to show the album is hard-hitting all the way through. 09. Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Psycho Killer deserved this slot, I feel it was the better cover. I have a guilty admittance of skipping this track. 10. For A Brother - I am a fan of this song, it has a great hard hitting riff, typical of Velvet Revolver. 11. Spay - I only really like the chorus on this song, it's not a terrible song, but it is my least favorite. 12. Gravedancer - a nice close to the album, quite a relaxing song in my eyes. Also the nice country bonus track is a nice addition, goes to show Scott and the boys can do anything.

Lyrics — 10
Scott Weiland has always been criticized for his persona and his flamboyant actions, but his writing talents and singer abilities are second to none! He is a king of his art and one of the most original and creative front men alive or dead. He has a great way with his lyrical structure and some songs you can really delve into his thoughts and feelings including: 'Pills, Demons', 'Last Fight', 'Mary Mary' and 'Just Sixteen'. Scott is growing as a person as well as an artist and I feel he is becoming the great singer he was in early STP days yet again! I have also seen him live and I can say he is a great act and is one of few who has a better stage performance than album (even though the album performances are sublime).

Overall Impression — 10
Stone Temple Pilots! Quite a handful of the songs have that STP vibe, whether it is because of the producer Brendan O'Brien (also produced STP) or whether it was due to more input from Scott. Either way the album gained some great attributes. Anything Slash does, you can tell it's him, whether it is a riff or a lick, you instantly spot it. This album is a very great addition to his C.V. The first 6 songs blow me away. A very strong first half of the album. The whole album impresses some songs not as much, but still has greats about them. I love everything about this album except the fact they never chose Psycho Killer to be on the final album cut and that is my only disappointment. If I lost it I have it on MP3 ha ha, but if that was gone it would be top of my list to buy.

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    I got this album yesterday, couldnt choose between this and Zeitgeist (Pumpkins album) so I got em both. I must say I had my doubts. Could they keep it up? Was it still pure rock n roll? Were the balls still there? this album really delivers. Awesome record. Really worth buying.
    I Walk Alone
    Sudifice wrote: Libertad, to me, is better than Contraband. I loved Contraband but you have to admit that it gets repetitive.
    Same here. Libertad owns.
    this and that
    As a long time admirer of both Slash and Scott, it was hard for me to admit that I thought "Contraband" was a let down -- but in my opinion, it was. However, Velvet Revolver truly brings the pain on "Libertad." I'm so pleased with the way this album pans out, lyrically and musically. With the exception of "Spay," every song more than delivers. It seems that some people have qualms with the lyrical content of "Just Sixteen," but that track is hands-down the hardest hitting, most kick-ass song on the record, followed closely by the lead-off single and "For a Brother." I think what impresses me most about this album is how the group showcases its ability to not sound like Guns or STP. Sure, Scott's lyrics are still as obscure as always, and Slash's Les Paul still rips the speakers apart -- but I think VR has finally developed a true sense of self, and I'll venture to say that this album will be nominated for Rock Album of the Year. Kudos to the boys; they're breathing fresh air into a genre of music that seems to be falling victim to pretty boys and power chords.
    I can understand why people would be disappointed by this album. Most were hoping for VR to keep their edgier sound as they had on Contraband. Contraband was pretty much an experiment for the band to find their sound. With Libertad, VR found their sound, and I like it. There's plenty of rock to it, but it's not over-the-top. They continue to keep real rock in the mainstream with Libertad.
    it rocks and it's currently #5 on the billboard top 200 list. right behind bon jovi's lost highway.