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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (4 votes)
Vicky Taytro: Vicky Taytro

Sound — 10
Both typical and original of female rock, Canadian singer-songwriter Vicki Tetreault who Americanized her last name to Taytro on her self-titled debut album, proves that female rock is a venerable music genre taking factions of male rock alkalized to Our Lady Peace and female vocal chops liken to Kaci Brown and Rachel Yamagata. Tetreault's songs are mammoth in melodic hooks and stylistic parameters which cull elements of classic rock and progressive rock and ties it into a nice, tight bow on her debut album Vicky Taytro with producer Giovanni Zappala and executive producer Eric D. Applebaum on deck. The crisp guitar rock motifs and light pop keyboard interludes on Summer Of Love are provocative with vials of beautifully swooping string arrangements giving the tune waves of enchanting tones. There is a mysterious Goth-rock vibe etched in the guitar reverbs on 7 Spirits which is exciting and meshes wonderfully with Tetreault's vocals. Her vocals totter between the spheres of feather light daydreams and weighty conviction with complete limberness. Her perception of what a melody needs from her voice is uncanny like for the country pop melody Marry Me. The Latin accents on Keep On Living (A Lie) are doused with intense guitar coiling as her vocals soar and expand into places that are superhuman. The music is spacey, shimmering, sturdy, and loaded with soul-chilling purrs pigmenting the intense prog rock vortexes in a perceivably female rock way. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars on Loving You and Eyes brings out a plump vibrancy that captures every curve and sleek sail in Tetreault's vocals. It is hard to believe that Vicki Tetreault remains an indie artist when many major labeled artists cannot reach the height, width, and length that her voice can without even trying very hard.

Lyrics — 9
Vicki Tetreault gravitates to lyrics that allow her to get emotions off her chest like in the song Keep On Living when she sings, I'm up, I'm down. I don't want to keep on living a lie/Remember, pretender, the past will be haunting you/I don't want to keep on living a lie when the truth is harder to find. Her lyrics are a release of those confusing emotions that come up in the middle of a relationship when you don't know whether to stay or run away. It is that moment when you either fight for what you want or take flight and never return. Not all of her lyrics are about the end of a relationship, she also sings about dreaming like in 7 Spirits when she sings, there's a path that leads to heavenreach out and kiss the sky. Her lyrics are poetic and relatable to real life situations.

Overall Impression — 10
Vicki Tetreault's debut album is very refreshing. She is a blend of Pat Benatar's classic rock and Amy Lee's prog rock. The songs are very well produced with chord dynamics that keep the movements edgy and stimulating with a good balance of acoustic and electric guitars augmented with orchestral tones and keyboard embellishments. The songs really capture Tetreault's vocal prowess and gives her a good palette to draw on with pop/rock variations and country pop crofts. Tetreault got a break when she was voted by radio fans in Montreal to sing with Shania Twain during Twain's stop in Montreal for her Come On Over tour in 2000, which featured local singers in every town Twain played. Vicky Taytro is Tetreault's first effort at a solo album. In many ways, she exceeded expectations and in other ways, her album came out before people were ready for it. Her music can be found at

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