Masstaden review by Vildhjarta

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  • Released: Sep 25, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.4 (130 votes)
Vildhjarta: Masstaden

Sound — 8
These guys are probably the heaviest djent band out there, if they could even be called that. I like to think they're kind of like what would happen if Meshuggah and a black metal band were genetically combined. The Swedes in Vildjarta are very capable musicians, playing complex polyrhythms and riffs like no one's business. The atmosphere is very eerie, due to the off-kilter, mostly atonal riffs and ambient guitar parts in the background. In addition, the production is very good - the guitars could do with a small amount more saturation, and the bass is not especially audible, though that could be due to the fact that it would be tuned nearly an octave lower than a four string bass at times (they play in G standard and Drop F (on "Dagger"). The guitar tone is very distinctive, with a lot of treble and definition, and works well for their very low tunings.

Lyrics — 7
There is an almost complete lack of clean vocals - only occurring once on the album, on "Traces". This is a rarity in this particular microcosm of progressive metal, what with bands like TesseracT and Periphery focusing on clean vocals. They do sound quite good, though. Singers Daniel del and Vilhelm Bladin trade growls and screams, with Daniel handling the highs and Vilhelm handling the lows and the occasional cleans. As far as lyrics go, the album is a concept album, so all the lyrics share a common theme of the fictional town of Masstaden. It's certainly an interesting concept, but it makes the songs suffer thematically as individuals. Unfortunately, the vocals are nigh-incomprehensible most of the time without consulting the liner notes, which almost defeats the purpose of the conceptual vocals.

Overall Impression — 8
Compared to similar artists (Periphery, Monuments, Fellsilent, TesseracT), Vildhjarta is far heavier while still being easy enough to listen to. They are most comparable to Meshuggah, since they have a very similar feel about their music in addition to the obvious influence Vildhjarta shows. I'd buy the album again if I lost it - it's a pretty good album. Recommended songs: "Eternal Golden Monk", "Traces", "When No One Walks With You", "Shadow".

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    This review is FUCKING terrible. I'm currently writing an essay and procrastinating, but the stupidity of EpiExplorer forced me to log in and post this comment. EpiExplorer - you're either a great troll or a ****ing idiot. Some people shouldn't write reviews - it's nothing personal... You just have no talent... Ugh...
    i think everyone should disregard the review by EpiExplorer cause the reviewer obviously cant tell on which beat the snare falls on and neither can tell tempo if he thinks that the whole album is 120(open guitar tabs if you want proof).Not to mention that he disses the sound just because it doesnt sound as gay as Periphery's sound.WORST REVIEWER EVER!
    It says something when there's nearly a 20% difference between the reviewer rating and the user rating. Excellent album btw
    Okay, first off, to all of you who are saying Djent is NOT a genre, get your facts straight, it has become a genre. Second off, Meshuggah and Vildhjarta are two completely different bands. Sure, they may both be "Djent" to your standards, but one is Ambidjent, while the other is just driving. Djent, doesn't suck, and is by no means boring. The poly rhythms and eerie tones of guitars and tracks in the background are amazing. If you think Djent sucks, or is "Gay", you should probably put down the headphones or the instrument you are playing, because you can't play anything outside of 4/4 and 3/4, obviously.
    honestly get used to the weird timing stuff. Djent means the sound that guitar makes, is not a genre.. This album is mean to be one long song, nothing else but one awsome song! People think this album sound like shxt because is totally out of time? no, you just have no sense of time. Perhaps, you can't play anything better than old school stuff. Just give it a try to learn weird stuff. It is really fun when you can't actually remember the whole song,butttt if you don't like it, forget it!Then go back to what you always play. be a pussy and don't leave such a herrible post!