The Bomb Shelter Sessions review by Vintage Trouble

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.8 (24 votes)
Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Sessions

Sound — 8
As this is Vintage Trouble's first album, there is no real previous work to compare it to, but in this case the band's first offering is made all the more impressive by the fact it's come without the attached expectations from previous albums. The sound is pure rhythm & blues mixed with the awesome soulful voice of Ty Taylor (previously of Dakota Moon). His gospel roots are clearly on show, as are the obvious influences from legends such as otis redding. I'm no expert on mastering and recording etc, but the tone of the guitars to me is pretty much spot on for the style of music VT play. The overall sound and feel of the album for me is the best part about it.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are what you would expect from a bluesy/rock album, a good example being from the first track 'blues hand me down' 'I come from vintage trouble look out if I'm the one you found, I'll pop your bubble with my live wire straight shooting dirty mouth' However there are a few more serious songs, notably 'not alright by me' and 'nobody told me', both well placed to compliment the overall feel of the album. As far as lyrical content goes, there isn't really much standout, explosive stuff as you would expect from an album like this. Essentially the lyrics suit the music really well. As far as Ty's skills as a singer, you only have to go on youtube or listen to a few of these tracks to realise he's got what the band needs. From soulful to balls out blues, I can't fault the singing on the album.

Overall Impression — 7
Every now and then you stumble across a band that just catches you out and makes you come back for more, whether it be the technicality of the music, the emotion or simply an awesomely catchy tune. Vintage Trouble are one such band. The approach comes across as old school, both at live shows and on the CD, bringing to mind the glory days of vinyl and the party atmosphere of smaller venues before health and safety became a religion. Overall, the 12 songs on the album were recorded just 2 months into the project of Vintage Trouble, which makes it all the more incredible as a debut piece of work. I would say my favourites from the album are 'Still And Always Will' and 'Run Out Of You', but in all honesty I could happily pick any of them to listen to any time. If Vintage Trouble can keep up this level of catchiness/soul on the next album I will be a very happy man indeed.

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    The VT album is ****ing AWESOME! Love that band! They get you up and out on your feet like Ground Zero does in LA! If you love VT you'll love Ground Zero too, less soul, but more rock n roll! check em out on! Love those guys ROCK ON VINTAGE TROUBLE
    i saw these on Jools Holland last night, and bought the album first thing this morning, they are brilliant
    academy 3, vintage trouble. its the same size as my flippin lounge. get ready for a live review.