Hungry Ghost review by Violent Soho

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  • Released: Sep 6, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (8 votes)
Violent Soho: Hungry Ghost

Sound — 9
When I got this album I was expecting the best, and Violent Soho did not disappoint. Violent Soho have been playing together for 10 or so years and have made a name for themselves with a great live show, great tunes and overall just being great blokes. Although not as angsty and heavy as their first release, this follow up is enough to impress any established Violent Soho fan, and any fan of alternative rock music. 

The album's production is flawless and not over done to the point of the band not being able to perform the songs properly live. None of the instruments overpower anything else more than they should in the mix, which is great for someone like me who likes hearing a bass without struggle. People's opinions vary with drum sounds and although I wouldn't put it in my favorites, I still like the sound and it does not take away from the effect of the music. The guitars sound amazing on both a clean and distorted sound. Again, this sort of thing varies with different people, but I think the majority of people will agree with me. 

Although certainly not the most talented vocalist, Luke Boerdam puts on a really great performance throughout the album and still greatly executes heavier sections like on their debut. "In the Aisle" and "Gold Coast" are great examples for heavier vocals. It goes full on Nirvana at the end of "Gold Coast." For vocals that are on the softer side, songs like "Saramona Said," "Fur Eyes" and "Hungry Ghost" are great songs that will help get an idea of the sound to expect from Boerdam on not just this album, but all other Violent Soho releases. I think he has a really great vocal style that not all singers can execute this successfully.

Lyrics — 9
This album is full of extremely catchy choruses with lyrics that fans are just dying to scream out to live. The biggest single off the album "Covered in Chrome" has become a huge fan favorite with a chorus that sets everyone off with a "HELL F--K YEAH!" As I mentioned, the angst is not as strong in this release but there is an attitude in Boerdam's vocals delivery that you can't help but think is totally awesome. 

I won't go too deeply into the lyrics by copying and pasting a heap of sections and I'm not too great with this section anyway but some songs that I felt had lyrical highlights are:

- "Covered in Chrome"
- "In the Aisle"
- "OK Cathedral"
- "Hungry Ghost"

When it comes to the catchiest lyrics and melodies I'll add songs like:

- "Fur Eyes"
- "Lowbrow"

The outro to "Dope Calypso" will get any fan going: "All I say is all I know and all I know is what you made me."

Overall Impression — 9
I thoroughly enjoyed this album from beginning to end. The songs are well put together and don't stick to the same sound too much, which keeps the album fresh. Their sound on this album doesn't go too soft compared to their debut, and that keeps older fans happy. The band's fan base has grown at an extremely fast rate since this album's release and it is well deserved. This album is a big win for Australian music and alternative rock music in general and there is high hopes for this band's future.

At the moment my top three favorite songs from the album are:

- "Covered in Chrome"
- "Saramona Said"
- "In the Aisle"

I would highly recommend "Hungry Ghost" to any fan of alternative rock who is looking for something new.

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    I'm sorry more people haven't seen this, I had to search for it myself just to find this review. That being said, I agree pretty much identically with you on this one. Awesome album from an awesome band! Fun fact, when they came through the States touring the self-titled album, a friend of mine convinced them to play a show at a local bar, we put on the whole thing. They were such awesome guys to hang out with, and I think they were really surprised that 20+ people from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois were going apesh*t for their music. It still remains one of my favorite music memories. Oh, by the way, they're working on another album now!
    Harry Marsh
    What was the crowd like in the States? I've seen them 3 times here in Melbourne (once before this album came out) and the crowds just got bigger every time. They are selling out every show they play, so I'm curious to know if its catching on elsewhere! They are really awesome guys. I remember talking to the singer at some small festival here in Melbourne about them just getting ready to record Hungry Ghost. Cut to near 12 months later and I see them at Big Day Out and the crowd was fucking nuts!