Goodnight Cold Earth review by Wake Of The Titan

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  • Released: Apr 7, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (1 vote)
Wake Of The Titan: Goodnight Cold Earth

Sound — 9
With awesome spacial sounding, lighthearted riffs to heavy pounding ones, Wake Of The Titan is pretty hard to categorize, but I classify them as Progressive Rock. It will be easier to review this Track by Track, so here goes. 01.Guns Of Ticonderoga (Incorrectly labeled as "a Ticonderoga" on iTunes): Wake Of The Titan hales from Georgia, so a this title is pretty cool and fits with their hometown. Its a standard intro track, with some high pitched guitar sounds that sound great and pushes the limits of the standard electric guitar. Once the riff switches to what sounds like an actual song, which would have sounded cool if they made this a song (keeping the introduction the same). 02.Goodnight, Cold Earth: the title of this debut EP, this song starts off with a light and space feeling riff with the vocals starting off like it was spoken into a phone. The chorus is utterly mind blowing; the melody just flows in and out of the setup, adding to the comsic feeling that seems to be a trademark of these guys. The solo rocks, with a pitched harmonic type of solo (that hurts your ears if its way to loud)which fits the breakdown like a glove. Nice. 03.Forward Motion: a slower, jazzy type of song from the intro, giving in to prominent vocals with easily understood vocals, while the build up to the chorus shows a heaver side of them. The short chorus has a chugging riff (as chugging as you can get with a E-standard guitar), switching back to the intro style guitar easily. Once the second chorus hits the end and the solo starts, the amount of energy exhibited is amazing considering the intro of the song. With really cool wah effects and a sort of harmonic effect shown in the song before. 04.If We're Quiet: starting off like the last song, but more of a progressive side and smoother, crooning vocals. The chorus shows a the screaming that this band rarely utilizes (only appears in this track and "Maybe Tomorrow", but as a back-up effect). Just like other songs, they switch back to the mellowness of the verse quickly, while holding nothing back when building up to the chorus. The breakdown and solo have an great feeling to them--it is not overly energetic but mellow and spacial, felling very flowing and smooth. Ending with the scream and "they won't know were alive" tops it all off. 05.Maybe Tomorrow: this song doesn't start off with a slow mellow intro, but with a snare beat and straight into easily identifiable lyrics. The chorus keeps the energy straight through, barely slowing down besides switching from distortion to clean. The breakdown before the solo is the only slow part with, just like "Forward Motion", a really energetic solo that pumps you up and keeps your heart racing up until the end of the song. 06.The Cycle: the longest song on this EP, clocking in at seven minutes, its a great ending to the EP and portrays a darker image than other songs. A nice echo effect on the guitar in the intro makes this song stand out on the EP, and with a great buildup of energy, the most powerful chorus on this disc. The riff before the chorus is just heart racing and pounding, it sets the tone perfectly. While lacking a solo, the breakdown shows a smooth, yet trippy side of this EP, with a smooth wah buildup. Then, the heaviest riff on this EP, bears its teeth and pounds through the bridge, with an accompanying tremolo pick high note that fades into feedback by chorus, builds the energy and anticipation greatly and doesn't disappoint. A great closer to this EP. Overall, as repetitive as this EP may seem structure-wise, the songs are vastly different and sound great considering its a debut EP.

Lyrics — 9
As clear as the vocals are, many different things are going on in the songs. The only confusing song lyrically is "The Cycle", which aren't as clear as other songs, but are fitting and great for the song itself. "Goodnight, Cold Earth" is probably about an apocalypse, or just the Earth saying "F--- you guys, I'm going home." while "Forward Motion" in a very crude sense, could be about rape, or just about a person thats always in your head (think about the Latter Option). While it seems two things go on in "If We're Quiet", there is a reference to a band in there (I'll give you a hint: It starts with 'S' and ends in 'laves To Gravity'), while "Maybe Tomorrow" is about hating home, which everybody does at one point. A great set of lyrics, never lame and sound great with the music. Almost like a poet wrote them, and not a lyricist.

Overall Impression — 9
To other bands, its a great effort in the Prog Rock scene, and I wouldn't be surprised in about two or three full length albums that this band gets out there. While all the songs are great in their own right, "The Cycle" and "Forward Motion" are my personal favorites, and portray the bands different styles that are sprawled out on this 6-track disc. Even though they lost their bassist, and replaced him with their second guitarist, Blue, I doubt that would hold back their potential, since many great bands are three-pieces. Its worth the $6 on iTunes and something great to relax to, or jam to, whenever a song from this album pops up on your shuffle.

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