Real-Life Death review by Waking the Cadaver

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  • Released: Nov 5, 2013
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 3 (30 votes)
Waking the Cadaver: Real-Life Death

Sound — 4
Waking The Cadaver is a band from New Jersey that has been attempting to bash people's heads in since 2006. Their music certainly fits, if not stereotypically defines, the genre of brutal deathcore. This album is definitely brutal, and in more ways than one. The album is brutal and heavy (depending on your definition) but that cannot override the total lack of care and thought that has been put into this album, excluding the guitars. To begin my diatribe, the production quality of this album is horrendous. The vocals are all muddy, gurgling growls that vary little, demeaning the purpose of each successive rumble. While the vocalist no doubt should foot the fault for this the most, I still believe that the producer could have done a much better job at making the vocals a little more bearable. The guitars are mixed OK; the guitars are the only things that resemble "good" on this album. Even then, they aren't that creative; they are just the only thing that is listenable. At least they have a fairly good tone. Guitar tone still does not make up for the fact that each song sounds exactly like the one that precedes it. Aside from the fact that the snare drum was recorded horribly, the drumming in general is probably the worst I've ever heard and certainly the most boring in comparison to other death metal. The bass drum isn't even mixed loud enough to have the brutal impact that the album is trying to make. The only song that comes close to being good is "Life Lesson," which is still pretty bland, but it has a cool guitar riff at the beginning and the bass meshes pretty well with the drums here. Still, the tasteless breakdowns here and on all of the other songs make it tacky and the guitar solo is just a slight show off attempt at using a Floyd Rose. Even the fade out of this song, which also ends the album, is just an awful, seemingly stopgap technique to find a way to add variety to the album. I've listened to this album twice and then stopped a long time to think just to make sure that I wasn't jumping to any rash conclusions. Yet, I can easily say that this album is one of the worst I've ever come across. I still respect them because they are able to make a living making original, unadulterated music, but this is just awful.

Lyrics — 3
The vocals vary from barely intelligible death growls to horribly unintelligible gurgles. There aren't too many variations in pitch and I guess that these aren't the worst vocals I've ever heard, but they are still just plain awful. Lyrically, the growler derives much of his inspiration from Cannibal Corpse, and still fails to come up with creative ways to shout "bloody murder."

Overall Impression — 3
This album is so bad that it isn't even worth trying to scare you with how brutally bad it is. I could discourage readers from listening to this album, but that would actually encourage more people to listen to it because, "if the reviewer says it's bad, then it must be great." Honestly, it just isn't worth my time to warn you not to listen, and it isn't worth your time to listen to the album, just to say you went against the flow.

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    originally read and thought the band was called walking the cadaver wouldv'e been a much better name. imagine having a pet cadaver "honey the cadaver needs a walk" "it's your turn babe i took it out yesterday" "no, i did it yesterday, i took it madame tussauds remember?"
    What do you expect from a band that wrote a song called "Chased through the Woods by A Rapist"?
    these guys are a real band? I was 90% sure that being chased through the woods by a rapist was their only song and it was a joke. like the trogdor of deathcore. lol.
    2013 Album of the Year.
    Volition has nothing on this. And Altered State? Nope, Real Life Death easily surpasses it.
    Mine is Altered State or Wrongdoers. I only first listened to Trivium on Vengeance Falls, and I liked it. Not my favourite, but thought it was quite solid. This sounds like other 'br00talz' music, no artistry at all, just low chugging riffs to meaningless vocals. :/
    The negative reaction of this album was entirely too over dramatic. I am not a huge WTC fan by any means, but this songs like most "gore grind/death core" records (or whatever you want to call it) that was coming out a lot in mid-2000's. The quality wasn't that atrocious, but then again, I like Napalm Death, Die Pigeon Die and Anal Cunt. Overall, I think the review was more of a way to say "This is awful 'cause I said so" that really describing the album itself. Too much opinion, not enough info.
    Really good , i give a 9 , if you like brutal death its good
    I love brutal death metal and Waking the Cadaver is, without a doubt, one of the worst bands I've ever heard in my life.
    Oh perfect, I was looking for Neckbeard Elitist Central! You guys really oughtta improve your advertising.
    Sounds like a lot of famous "Brutaldeathmeatgrindercore" bands out there. Those who are brutal will enjoy this (I am not brutal)
    Nah, mate. Those that are brutal will enjoy Suffocation, Devourment, Dying Fetus, Mortician, Cryptopsy, Disgorge, Abominable Putridity, Prostitute Disfigurement, Deeds pf Flesh, Defeated Sanity, Goregasm, and maybe even a little Simon and Garfunkel when nobody is looking. I think only a truly self-hating person would enjoy this band.
    Fair haha. I was just pointing out that this does sound like a lot of bands that self-proclaimed brutal kids listen. Also, Suffocation is awesome
    "Nobody could possibly enjoy this album because I don't" That's how much of an asshat you actually sound like when you talk.
    This is awful. I thought only EP's had a right to be recorded in a bin. The music is shit too, but I like metalcore/deathcore, so I can't talk here aparently
    Frig off back to music school, Ebert. This is just some good, all-American, downright disgusting slam. Lumped up could very well replace Bloodsplattered Satisfaction imo.
    I'm not sure why you guys are hating them. Sure the past two albums were shit but this shows potential. You need to look beyond labels. I'm pretty sure they said they aren't trying to fit into any certain genre. They do their own thing and incorporate different genres into their music. And I also don't get why everyone hates the vocals. Saying it's bad because you can't understand it makes no sense. I'm pretty sure when we all started listening to this type of music we couldn't understand gutturals either. It takes a while to understand it. It's nor brutal death metal, it's not deathcore. It's not slam. It's not hardcore (what the ****?) And besides who cares what it is? If you like the breakdowns, and all that heavy shit then listen. No need to slam a band because "It doesn't fit this genre" (no pun intended)
    This band is still making these piggy sounds? At least the drumming is actually in time, unlike their debut album.
    As an avid fan of the deathcore and death metal scenes, this is the greatest and most accomplished piece of shit to deface the genre. Actually, I'm sure there is worse out there because there really is no bottom to stoop to but damn, they come close. Waking The Cadaver has never been good.. ever.