Pighammer review by Wayne Static

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  • Released: Oct 4, 2011
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 5.6 (9 votes)
Wayne Static: Pighammer

Sound — 7
When members of well-known metal groups make solo albums, it's often a chance for them to explore sounds and styles that would not be acceptable in their main groups. So, when Wayne Static of industrial-metal firebrands Static-x announced his solo album Pighammer, natural curiosity preceded me. Would the inventor of "evil disco" show a country side? Or would Pighammer turn out to be a rap album? Would Mr. Static even veer into pop territory? The answer to every one of those questions is a resounding NO. Pighammer is essentially a Static-X album without the other members. So, if you like Static-X, you know what to expect. It's industrial metal through and through. That being said, Pighammer is an enjoyable if disturbing ride through the mind of Mr. Static. Almost every song features electronic effects and loops intermingled with a crunchy alternative metal sound. One can give Wayne Statics props for sticking to the script and not throwing a curveball at his fans. However, one can also be a little let-down if they are wishing for something different from Wayne. There are plenty of headbang-worthy moments, and there are also moments where dancing -albeit slam-dancing- feels appropiate. I'm not dissappointed, but I'm not overly impressed with Pighammer. It's solid though, and Static-X fans will eat this up.

Lyrics — 7
If you are a Static-X fan, you already have some perspective on what Wayne Static sounds like as a singer. If you don't, I will explain. Wayne doesn't really sing. He mostly barks, albeit a bark in which you can understand him. But he never breaks into a clean tone of voice. On the song She, Static delivers spoken-word verses. As for lyrical content, same old Static. On the first single Assassains of Youth, Static sings about drugs (Assassains Of Youth is a slang term for drugs). Static has said a lot of Pighammer is about his addictions. On the song Static Killer, Wayne talks about f--king (his wife Tera Wray is a former pornstar). Elsewhere, She sounds like a love letter to Wray.

Overall Impression — 7
Pighammer is Wayne Static's first solo album. However, it is more of a Static-X album with Wayne's name on it. It's the same "Evil Disco" industrial metal Static has churned out with Static-X for over a decade. It's not bad, but it all feels so familar and similar. At times, I didn't know after listening to a song that the next song was playing due to a lot of the tracks running together in terms of sounds. There's little to no real hooks to be found. There's not very much that makes any of these songs super memorable. I'm not sure if I would replace it.

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    ah yes, every 2 years static-x releases and album, i suppose now the actual band is on hiatus Wayne has kept that ball rolling of 2 year interval
    Hm, well their last 3 albums were pretty crap in comparison to their older stuff, so maybe this is a return to that? Might check it out.
    Trojan condoms should consider putting him in their commercials. He's got the hair for them haha. But on a more serious note, this album doesn't seem like anything special. Static-x has always been kind of a bland band to me, and I don't see how this is any different.
    Not a very good album. A little less Wisconsin Death Trip, and a little more Shadow Zone, please.