Make Believe review by Weezer

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  • Released: May 10, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (102 votes)
Weezer: Make Believe

Sound — 10
Weezer's sound is different on Make Believe than from their previous albums. While they still hold true to their catchy riffs, they've added bits such as piano and synths, which really reinvent Weezer's typical sound. The solos of the album are not just the chorus vocal lines on guitar to the relief of many suffering from those found on the Green Album. Many can describe the album's sound as a mellowed out mix of Maladroit and Pinkerton. But even with all this "change," Weezer always seems to stick with that indescribable sound that is unique from any other band. Best in the words of Brian Bell (Weezer's rhythm guitarist) about the album, "We didn't ever set out and say, 'Let's do a mixture of Pinkerton and the Blue Album with some Maladroit guitar solos. But I think it sounds like that, because that's what we are."

Lyrics — 10
Of course, Rivers Cuomo wrote the lyrics and stuck with his usual style of writing. The Use Of Simplicity. No need for dark obscure vocabulary or murderous metaphors, as some usual emo bands of today might use to express their saddened, emotional feelings. Rivers expresses fluidly what he feels and it's easy to relate to what he is saying. This time though, it's not "generic" as some describe the lyrics of the last two albums, especially the Green Album. Probably, the lyrics of this album best can best be compared to that of the those on Pinkerton. River's great songwriting skills mend the lyrics with the music flawlessly. River's recognizable voice comes out great in this album. He seems to let a bit more loose on this album vocal wise than that of previous albums. His vocals are not as "young" as heard in Blue and Pinkerton, but being Rivers, he comes with his usual, great, (now somewhat matured) voice. Also, the back ups, (Bell & Co) fit the fill-ins perfectly in the album.

Overall Impression — 10
It's too early to tell on how this album compares to that of Blue and Pinkerton. But right off the bat, this album should be a relief to those fans who have been disappointed with the Green Album and Maladroit. Though I do, in fact, enjoy the Green Album and Maladroit, I can say that Make Believe easily surpasses the band's two previous albums. Only time will tell how Make Believe will rank along side to the Blue and Pinkerton albums. Some songs that stand out off this album would be "This Is Such A Pity," "Perfect Situation," (the great re-done demo of) "Hold Me" and "Haunt You Everyday". Most of the album seems to "sound the same", yet even so, each song can stand on its own. One thing to point out is that the album does not sound at all like their single out right now, "Beverly Hills." Another song that doesn't seem to fit the album is "We Are All On Drugs," which is rumored to be the next single of the album. Coincidence? I think not. Either way, the songs are okay as is, though probably the weakest songs out of the 12 tracks. Over-all, the album is a well rounded album. It brings back the Weezer many fans have wanted for a long time, while bringing in something new at the same time. If you're a fan of any of Weezer's music (whether it be any of their studio albums or hundreds of demos), this album is a must have. Really, this album is for anyone and everyone. Well, maybe not for you metalheads, but if you can enjoy some mellow contemporary rock music, at least listen to this album.

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