Maladroit Review

artist: Weezer date: 07/24/2009 category: compact discs
Weezer: Maladroit
Released: May 14, 2002
Genre: Alternative Rock, Power Pop, Pop Punk, Emo
Label: Geffen
Number Of Tracks: 13
"Maladroit," while a heavier sound that was more common around the time, is still unique in its own way. It was something completely unexpected from a band that had a teenage feel earlier on.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 6.5
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9.7
Maladroit Reviewed by: SiggyBond23, on july 24, 2009
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Sound: I recently gave Weezer's lesser known "Maladroit" a listen after I watched a Weezer concert on TV. Having heard some negative things about the album, I never bothered to listen to it, but when they performed "Dope Nose" in this concert, I was tempted to listen to the rest. I was drawn in by the change of feel, the heavier sound, but still had that Weezer feel, although it was different.

I'm used to the style of Weezer's earlier albums, Blue and Pinkerton. Lighter rock, different lyrics, cleaner sound. But the heavier sound found here actually works for the band, giving Rivers edgier vocals, more gritty and complex solos, and letting Pat rock out on the drums harder. It doesn't take away from anything, it's an album that lets them have some fun with the work. // 10

Lyrics: I love Rivers as a singer, and he doesn't do anything he shouldn't be doing with the vocal range in this album. While the lyrics sharply contrast that of their earlier work, a common factor found in those songs is still around in some of these songs: love. Compared to the later "Make Believe" (which has songs of varying themes, from drugs [We Are All On Drugs] to following dreams [Beverly Hills] to dealing with personal issues [Peace]), "Maladroit's" lyrics tend to relate to love, much like earlier Weezer hits "Island in the Sun," "El Scorcho," "Pink Triangle," and "No One Else," however in a much more figurative way. In some ways, the lyrics lose a bit of that Weezer feel but overall, they show that the band had matured, and Rivers' vocals sound incredible. // 9

Overall Impression: "Maladroit," while a heavier sound that was more common around the time, is still unique in its own way. It was something completely unexpected to me from a band that had a teenage feel earlier on. Definitely give "Dope Nose" a listen, it is well worth the short 2 1/2 minutes. The guitar solos are edgier, the riffs are still alive and give songs that certain boost that they need, and the band keeps up the use of backup "hoo woah" vocals, to remind us that Weezer will always be Weezer. // 10

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overall: 8
Maladroit Reviewed by: TBCIV, on july 22, 2003
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Overall Impression: Well, probably my favorite modern rock band making music, Weezer, has released a new album a year (give or take some) after there last album (the green album). This fact was just a little weird because of the like 7 year album drought after Pinkerton, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they didn't just rush to get a new album outwhile they were hot, but it was well done and great. There is another bassist on the team, (the 3rd) Scott Shriner. The last one Mickey committed himself to a mental hospital or something, and Scott was a temp. fill in. But here's here to stay I guess. The only thing is I think he uses a pick, and a pick on bass is pussy. But he is still good. One thing old Weezer fans will notice in this album is it is a lot harder rock then any of there other albums. They must of gotten different guitars and such, but the songs keep a sort of catchyness despite the harder hitting rock. They've broken there three album sort of rule of having exactly 10 songs by having 13 in this one, which is pleasant because the songs are kinda sort, each 2 to 3 minutes long. Which is still good because no one likes a song that is unnecessarily long. The songs are good, but it seems to me there was a little to much rock in the album. Its nice to see though Rivers keeps solos in his songs altough the maybe sort. The songs that stick out the most are Death and Destruction (#5) and Burndt Jam (#7). Death and Destruction is despite its name a slow balled and has a lot of fealing and emotion in it. Burndt Jam is a sort of tropical funk song like Island in the sun, but better. One last neat thing too is that the CD comes with some clips of live performances and such that are nice. The more I listened to Maladriot, the more I started to like it. I would strongly recomend for Weezer fans to pick it up and plain rock fans should think about it too, its worth it. // 8

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overall: 6
Maladroit Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 18, 2004
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Sound: Stronger riffs, faster songs, good solos? This Weezer isn't different, but they are definitely a tad more mainstream. The music, as always is good, heavy pop-rock with more hooks than you are likely to see at a pirate convention, however the heart seems to be missing. Written while touring, Maladroit was a rush release that was designed to travel off the succuss of the Green Album. Rushed is a good word when trying to describe this album. It's not that Maladroit is a bad album, however weighed up against the likes of the Blue Album, Pinkerton and to a lesser extent the Green Album, Maladroit just seems to have a lot less thought. // 8

Lyrics: The music is of the same Weezer standard, and Rivers still keeps his geeky charm, but the lyrics really seem to let this album down. "Cheese smells so good, On a burnt piece of lamb, Fact of the year Who could beat up your man?" One of the many lyrics on this album that had me absolutely stumped as to what the hell Rivers was on about. Possibly a personal experience or joke, but that doesn't help a confused audience of fans. No heart, no brain, no thought what-so-ever. To many that's just a good rock album and fair enough. To me that's no good. // 4

Overall Impression: Pinkerton was an open confessional and was said to be the best Weezer album ever released. Maladroit is a closed, superficial, made-for-mainstream album. Many are hesitant to call it the worst album Weezer have released, but it is nowhere near the first two and quite a distance from the third. It's not an album I'd use as a coaster for local beers, that's a job for Sugar Ray or Simple Plan, but I wouldn't hesitate resting my Heineken on Maladroit. // 6

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