Running With Scissors Review

artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic date: 12/03/2005 category: compact discs
Released: Jun 29, 1999
Genre: Comedy
Tones: Whimsical, Silly, Quirky, Acerbic, Playful, Gleeful, Fun, Humorous
Styles: Novelty, Comedy Rock, Song Parody
Number Of Tracks: 12
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 8
Running With Scissors Reviewed by: ULTIMINT PIMP, on march 10, 2004
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Sound: Let me just say that this Cd is filled with parodys of other the rhythms and tunes are similar to other songs. I thought the sounds were average. I especially liked the polka mix where Al would take his accordion and play all these songs and mix them together. If you're looking for cool guitars or nice instrumental pieces... DON'T BUY THIS! // 6

Lyrics: When I got this Cd I couldn't help but crack up... they were funny as hell! Like in the first song where he made a parody of the song American Pie and made the lyrics about star wars. That was funny. And obviously Weird Al sucks at singing... but his lyrics make up for it. // 10

Overall Impression: Compared to other artists Weird Al is unique. He never really makes original songs, but his parodys are good. The only song I like here is germs. I hate the last song, "Albuquerque", there was no point of that song. If it was stolen, I would call the police and track down every city to find it! NAH... not really, I thought this Cd was a waste of money but worth the laugh. If you can download songs, then download Weird Al songs cause most of his songs are funny (that are not on this CD) I know it's a little too late to buy this CD and it's pretty rare to find, but I'll listen to it maybe once a day then put it aside and forget it. // 8

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overall: 9
Running With Scissors Reviewed by: Jaknife, on december 03, 2005
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Sound: As stated above, many of the songs are parodies, but that is Weird Al's claim to fame. Jim West is an excellent guitarist, recreating each song quite well. The band has worked together for some time, and they all are good players. Weird Al himself has an amazing voice. It is merely his use that may trick people into thinking he sucks. As a person who has heard almost every Weird Al song, and owns 90% of his albums, I can say Running With Scissors ranks among his best. Personal Favorites are: The Saga Begins, Your Horoscope for Today, and It's All About the Pentiums. // 8

Lyrics: As always, Yankovics lyrics are original and absolutley hilarious. He is a true lyrical genious. The Saga begins relates Episode 1 quite well, and he employs many (I'm probably wrong about this, but ot seems right) Yiddish terms and phrases in the clever 'Pretty Fly For A Rabbi'. His Polka songs always take the lyrics directly from popular songs of the time, and put them to silly polka music. The words to each song are excellent, but silly. Thankfully, that is the point. // 10

Overall Impression: Al was at the top of his game on this album. He has had many very excellent comedy albums, and this is no excpetion. I personally will love and cherish this album for all eternity, because this was actually the first Weird Al album I recieved. I love the humor, simply, as does anyone who likes Weird Al. I dislike almost nothing on here. Surprisingly, I like 'Albuquerque', which many people hate because of its endless repetitiveness. Ironically, thats why I like it. If it were stolen or lost, I would go across te hall, and borrow my brothers copy, burn it, and go about my business. // 9

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