This Is Exile review by Whitechapel

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  • Released: Jul 8, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (59 votes)
Whitechapel: This Is Exile

Sound — 10
I wasn't a large fan of deathcore until early this year, thinking that early bring me the horizon was what it was to deliver, and feeling quite annoyed at this genre (although I do like BMTH they do tend to become grating after a while) this was soon changed when one of my close friends penned me onto Whitechapel. As soon as I heard possession, I knew I had stumbled onto a veritable gold mine of genius. With the use of 3 drop A tuned guitars (Ben Savage, Alex Wade and Zach Householder) and with the 5 string bass of Gabe Crisp, Whitechapel have created an album built on playing fast, playing well, and playing evil, whereupon Wade, Householder, and lead guitarist savage not only strengthen each others sound through their use of breakdowns, odd time signatures and tremelo picking, the band also creates a buzsaw type sound which burns the songs into your mind, making them become strongly addictive, stongly used within the songs "To all that are dead", "This is exile" and "Messiahbolical". The drums of Kevin Lane also add to Whitechapels madness as the fast blastbeats and strong symbol work (rather than hi hats and ocassional bashing of other symbols) create an aura of something almost apocalyptic in feel, which give a change to blastbeats being used just to make a song sound fast. Lanes drum work creates an insane cacophany that induces pleasure as well as passion for madness. But (as I myself am a singer and death growler) Phil Bosemans Growls immediatley created my (almost obsessive) love for Whitechapel. With a wide range of vocal capability being shown, Boseman immediatley puts himself onto a pillar as an example to other deathcore or death metal vocalists, as his use of high pitched roars and extremely low (often matching Gabe's level on his bass) growls, form a beautifully sickening picture of a man with a mind of twisted genius and artistic desires as his growls help lend to the malevolent sound and overall dripping evil of the album.

Lyrics — 10
Whitechapel are a band hell bent on making a point and shoving it down your throat, but although Boseman's Raucious vocals are threatening, the band perform sublty such as in "Father of lies" the band make a direct challenge to their creater, which could be seen as either god, or their family or society, but as with the rest of the album, the best bet is god "my procreater, stand your f--king ground", with their anti-religous themes only being in your face with the title of the last track on the album "Messiahbolical", the band growl with true artistic form as they often cite about mankinds failings such as in "Possession" with the line "we are in a new era of corruption" they immediatley show their anger at the worlds failings. But as all bands should, Whitechapel show that they have a sense of humour... Albeit sick and twisted, such as Boseman screaming at the top of his lungs at the end of the title track "THIS WORLD IS OURS, AND YOUR TOTALLY f--kING DEAD!"

Overall Impression — 10
Overall I found that Whitechapel have almost effortlessly delivered an album of true beauty. Strongly surpasing bands such as Despised Icon, Winds Of Plauge and suicide silence (I'm not condoning these bands as they are all good) Whitechapel have truly found a niche of which their particular brand of brutality fills with ease. On the album it is insanely hard to pick favourites as each blistering peice of music has greatness in buckets. If stolen or lost, I wouldn't just buy another album, I'd probably mourn for the old one.

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    Wow some of the people on here are pretty goddamn ridiculous. I mean like what you will and state your opinion, but don't bash somebody else for their opinion. When I first heard Suicide Silence, the whole "deathcore" thing seemed awesome, like something I could get into, but then I heard more and more bands (Whitechapel, Emmure, Carnifex) and to me they sound very similar. The style of music, with all the heavy palm-muted chords just kinda bore me now.
    Messiahbolical is one of the most bad-ass song titles i've heard of in a long time. Exalt has a bad-ass chorus/breakdown. This is Exile and Possession are amazingly brutal tracks. i can't describe how incredible they sound.