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  • Released: Jun 19, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.1 (121 votes)
Whitechapel: Whitechapel

Sound — 10
Deathcore super heroes return with their fourth full length self titled masterpiece. This album surpasses "New Era Of Corruption" on every level. For bands that try to get away from the deathcore tag, Whitechapel seem to embrace being a deathcore band. The breakdowns, the bass and drums, and the brutality in Phil's vocals all remind me of another Phil (ahem..Anselmo...Ahem). I was expecting a whole different monster when I received this. I pre-ordered this album with a shirt and I got it three days before the release date. The musicianship coupled with the unbelievable vocals make this album over the top. What Metallica did with "Master Of Puppets", Whitechapel have accomplished with this outing. Don't get me wrong I am not comparing Whitechapel with Metallica. But "Master Of Puppets" is a genre defining piece of work. And I think Whitechapel just upped the ante with this masterpiece. All you Deathcore bands better stand up and take notice. Whitechapel just raised the bar to an almost un-reachable standard. This band reigns supreme in the Deathcore genre. Awesome.

Lyrics — 10
Releasing a self titled album leaves you wondering what, if any, the theme or story Li.e of the album is going to be. Well, the 'Chapel unleashed "Hate Creation" as the first "single". That has set the tone for what was to come. I am so blown away by the songs, the vocals, I mean everything about this album is incredible. To kick things off on the first track "Make It Bleed" has an awesome piano piece that will probably intro the band live for many tours to come. Of course after the intro the opening riff is an instant classic. I will be attempting to learn this riff right away. As far as the lyrics. "Make It Bleed" starts of with a little play on words combining their three previous albums... "We have been Somantically Defiled, Exiled, and This New Era has come to an end." "Hate Creation" is one of the standout tracks on this gem. "Let this be the day that I stop to care and pour my upon this world". My impression of the lyrics is that this band is still pissed off and they write negative music for negative people. Phil's delivery is nothing short of phenomenal, on the fifth track, "Section 8" he opens with... "We are nothing. F**k your lives. I hate everyone Look through the eyes of madman. The skeleton's in your closet have rotted to the bone". Awesome and definitely what you expect from these guys. I am so stoked listening to this!

Overall Impression — 10
There is nothing to compare this album too. It is by far the very best Whitechapel release ever. I have listened to this thing about ten times and I cannot find a bad song on this disc. The production is flawless. The musicianship and vocals are top-notch. My favorite songs I guess are "Hate Creation", "(Cult)uralist", "Dementia" and "Section 8". There really are no weak points but I guess "Devoid" would be the low point because its an instrumental. But it is an awesome instrumental and this album really showcases the three guitar attack. I don't hate anything about this slab of meat. As I stated earlier, I pre ordered it and got a shirt too, and I am glad I took the risk. These guys are THAT deal. If you love deathcore or even death metal, I would advise you go buy it. Love these guys and this is a great next step for the band. Good job guys. Well played.

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