Good To Be Bad review by Whitesnake

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  • Released: Apr 22, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (68 votes)
Whitesnake: Good To Be Bad

Sound — 10
Veterans of hard-rock Whitesnake are back to remind everybody once again the taste of the gold days of good ol' rock. It took them more than 10 years to release a studio album and it turns out that Good To Be Bad was worth the wait. Unlike a lot of recent reunions, this album doesn't seem to be a desperate attempt to earn a rise for their pension checks. Even more inspiring is the fact that the break rebounded to the band's advantage! The album itself is an overview of the Whitesnake's achievements over 30 years. It has it's bluesy moments from the band's early years as well as electric aspects, the band's latest position. From the first song it becomes obvious Whitesnake didn't loose the ability to rock, not a single bit of it. These old dudes still have the drive a lot of younger bands would die for. This time around the guitar work is performed by Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach. These guys are worthly to be compared to the best guitarists that ever played with Whitesnake. Aldrich also co-wrote the songs with Coverdale and produced the album. There's a good balance on the album with three peaceful ballads and eight rocking tracks. The songs are heavy and rich for sounds, but not overloaded. Good To Be Bad has it's share of radio-friendly tracks, like ballad All I Want All I Need -- the new Is This Love. The album closes with a bluesy Till The End Of Time. It sounds so sad that could as well make the band's last song ever. A great choice for the closing track.

Lyrics — 9
I would be very surprised if the songs turn out to be about something but love. Tracks like All For Love and Lay Down Your Love prove Coverdale didn't change his source of inspiration over the years. Coverdale voice still sounds like Coverdale, but of course now it's not as good as it was in his younger years. It's not as powerful as before and it may have lost some attractiveness, but it gained the experience and the vibe remains the same. You can hear the weakness in the ballads and the attitude in the rockers. I would say it's the technique of singing that suffered over the years, not his vocal. It only added more spirit to it.

Overall Impression — 10
One of the outstanding things about the record is that you can actually feel the band's thirst for live. Try to compare them to those numerous amorphous whining young bands, and you'll see what I'm talking about. The musicians truly did their best creating the record and they seem to be fully satisfied with it. Coverdale admits that he would be happy if Good To Be Bad turns out to be the last studio record. This is such a masterful release you can hardly find any weak points in it. Surprisingly Good To Be Bad doesn't sound too vintage or stale. Whitesnake managed to produce a modern sound, still keeping their own seal. Maybe the clue is that their music is timeless?

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    i will have to check this out, they're one of my favorite bands to listen to on any day of the week.
    Hmm, I am gonna have to check it out, I love these guys, but I know a lot of people hesitate to get a cd when a band hasn't been at it for a while, but seeing this review, I have to get it soon. I can't wait for the tour with Def Leppard to come my way.
    What the hell? To reviewer: You do realize that the lyrics section is about LYRICS, and not SINGING?
    [x]Huffy[x] : What the hell? To reviewer: You do realize that the lyrics section is about LYRICS, and not SINGING? Have you even done a review? They ask you to talk about the singing skills you F**king Dumbass
    I just read this review. But I also just picked this album up. And I have to say it's ****ing solid. One of the best rock albums put out in a while. It's a seriously addictive record.
    Lil Macker
    They really need Bernie Mardsden and Micky Moody back. Those were the days, with the original Fool For Your Lovin' and things. Damn you Americanism for ruining Whitesnake!!v I kid! But seriously, the old Whitesnake rocks.
    this album is great!!! but I dont't think that you should vote 9 for lyricks! 5 it could be great! anyway the album rules!!!
    Great album. EXCELLENT GUITAR WORK!! No surprise there...A few too many songs w. Love in the title(Nitpicking). They have got to have the most "LOVE" titles in their catalog by far.Ha Ha!BEST LIVE BAND OUT THERE!!!.... ANYONE!!ARE THEY GOING TO TOUR THE STATES. I have heard nothing on this and that would really suck!!! If they do tour the US all fans of metal/80 rock should get out there and support them. I saw them in Scranton PA on their last pass and there were alot of empty seats for a tremendous show in a small venue.THAT WAS SICKENING. SNAKE INVITED ALL TO GET AS CLOSE TO STAGE AS POSSIBLE AND SOWED GREAT CLASS. They could have halfas#ed it in frustration but they performed AWESOME!!I hope they make at least one more pass through PA and the US.Stop supporting souless/gutless hiphopers w. 0 musical ability or groups like KISS who probably would have shut it down after a quater of a show if the gate($$$$) was'nt what they felt they deserved. Buy the tix and pack the house for these musicians who truly care.This may be the go round for Coverdale and Company and goups like them are in very short supply.One More Time in the States !! Please guys!!If anyone has info about a US tour , please post a reply.
    To be honest, you're not gonna get protest or political lyrics from Whitesnake, but that's not what they're about. Do you party sometimes? Life would be boring if we sat around debating 24/7! I've loved all sorts of bands over the years, and they all suit a mood. The lyrics on this album, in places, do reflect experience, maturity and passing of time, and are quite enjoyable and poignant, whilst still having the old "chest beaters" in places!! I've got a degree in English Literature, and love poetry, but quite happily stood in Manchester Arena last month shouting along to "Still of the Night"!! Whitesnake always have and will be from the heart (music and lyrics)if you don't like their style, well that's ok, look somewhere else. I defy anyone to listen to "Good to be Bad" and/or watch them live and question their integrity.
    Lin wrote: i'm sorry, but whitesnake 9/10 for lyrics? honestly, why do they even bother putting scores on these things?
    Bought it. This is an absolutely amazing album IMO. Their classic hard rock edge with ballsy modern sound and influence. BUY IT.
    I REALLY like this album. Really. But....that damn cover just relegates the album back to average. Every time. Coverdale....put a different cover to this kick ass music.
    I got a copy of this a couple of months ago and I love it. I also saw them live in Australia a few weeks ago and they were awesome. I've always been a Whitesnake fan. This album sounds like the Whitesnake that released 1987 and Slip Of The Tongue. If you are a fan of those 2 albums then you will love this. I must admit with some of the recent offering from other bands from the 80's I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this but they have stayed true to the sound that made them famous. Yes, Steve Vai recorded Slip Of The Tongue with Whitesnake after Adrian Vandenberg injured himself.
    Didnt Vai used to play with These Guys? Im deffinitly adding this to my Must Buy list along with the New Metallica and AC/DC CD's. Its great to see all the Older Rockers still going strong, i really have no interest in going to a Fall Out Boy concert. Gimme some good old Arena Rock!
    it's a kick ass album. whoever's into feel-good 80's rock with some anthem-style rock solos should definitely give it a listen. i'm really surprised at how good it is. it litterally could've came right out of the late 1980's....but it doesn't really sound just kicks ass.
    Great songs, great playing, but the production really could be better. The drums are mushy and the guitars are not very clear. Since the album is already recorded they should really spend the money to get someone who knows how to mix to re-mix this. This is what typically happens when artists self produce their stuff. As good a player Aldrich is, unfortunately he should have stepped aside when it came to producing this. There are other current albums by new acts (which usually get shafted when it comes to using quality producers) that sound much clearer and crisper.
    i just downloaded songs from this album..ive alwez loved whitesnake...and their music is incomparable...theres so much energy in the whole band...and i love this new album... To all the soloist's-the solos are to die for.. everyone shud d/l their songs...even if you think they're not that good..
    [x]Huffy[x] wrote: What the hell? To reviewer: You do realize that the lyrics section is about LYRICS, and not SINGING?
    it IS both about lyrics and singing. it's just called "Lyrics"
    i'm sorry, but whitesnake 9/10 for lyrics? honestly, why do they even bother putting scores on these things?