Slip Of The Tongue Review

artist: Whitesnake date: 09/24/2010 category: compact discs
Whitesnake: Slip Of The Tongue
Released: Nov 18, 1989
Genre: Hard rock, heavy metal
Label: EMI (UK) / Geffen (USA)
Number Of Tracks: 10
Whitesnake is basically the David Coverdale project as the band has had a constant revolving door of members, with only Coverdale sticking around.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Slip Of The Tongue Reviewed by: guitfiddleRR, on september 24, 2010
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Sound: Not much can be said about Whitesnake as a band. Whitesnake is basically the David Coverdale project as the band has had a constant revolving door of members, with only Coverdale sticking around. However, with this particular line up, they truly created some magic. Guitar virtuosos Steve Vai and Adrian Vandenberg were hired, along with Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge, to create "Slip of the Tongue". Honestly, this is my all time favorite Whitesnake album. Vai's guitar performance on this record is absolutely outstanding. The solo and rhythm sections are virtually perfect and flow nicely with Aldridge's drumming. Due to injury, Vandenberg was unable to perform on the recording, leaving Vai in charge of all guitar responsibilities. Not every song on this record is that great, but songs like "Wings Of The Storm" and "Sailing Ships" have such musical build that you can escape completely within the music. The band itself is so tight on this record, its a shame they only made one album together. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics and vocalization in this album are also much more impressive than those of other Whitesnake albums. Unlike the previous two records, Coverdale takes a hiatus from lyrical ideas simply revolving around sex, and goes much deeper in this record. The lyrical crown point of this album is the very last track "Sailing ships". Then, there is the performance. Coverdale has always been a legendary vocalist, but even he seemed to step it up in this record. The lyrics and vocal performances become very intimate with the music in some parts of this record. This album also contains an updated version of "Fool For Your Loving", an older Whitesnake song released originally in 1980. // 9

Overall Impression: At the time of its release, it received mainly mixed to negative reviews. I can't quite figure out why. This is without a doubt the best album Whitesnake ever released (at least in my opinion). I say the main reason is because Coverdale hired some truly talented musicians to perform and co-write this album. In fact, this album is how I got into Steve Vai. It still compares very well to other Whitesnake releases, but goes quite a bit deeper and explores new territory. I guarantee you that it will take you places if you let it. I have bought this album three times already, first when I was 8, and last just a couple of years ago. This album will not escape my music collection, ever! // 9

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