Decimate The Weak review by Winds of Plague

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  • Released: Feb 5, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (49 votes)
Winds of Plague: Decimate The Weak

Sound — 10
I just bought the album the other day on recommendation of a friend and oh my god! They are probably my new favorite death metal band. The second track on the album, Anthems of the Apocalypse, completely blew my mind I was awe struck. This album is not for anyone who doesn't like metal or mind having your ears ring for the next week. Also to quote a critic on the band, "Katana sharp deathcore sure to turn the audience into a rotting pile of corpses."

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics really are like a hardcore Chuck Norris style round house kick to the face. The lyrics don't really make sense on a couple songs but on most of them it gives me goosebumps just hearing them. The singer really seems to know what he's doing for this being a relatively new band. Most bands this early on no matter how amazing they may be have semi-amature lyrics to them.

Overall Impression — 10
I would have to compare this album based on amount of good songs and pure awesomeness to Def Lepards Pyromania. The best song on the album is by far Anthems of the Apocalypsethe song just leaves you with goosebumps and you are speechless other than oh my god coming out your mouth. The guitar player is really good no wait he's amazing! I love how this is their first album and they still rock, most bands first album sucks. The only thing I really hate about it are the lyrics on Reloaded. I have one of the 2, 000 copies of the vinyl that were cut on white vinyl so if I lost it or it was stolen I'd be kinda mad. But I would totally buy it again just for the sheer amazingness.

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    MrBucket wrote: they ****in blow up so nicely holy shit niggay!
    never...EVER...say that again!! Every body who read that immediately lost any respect that they may have had for you. that is the worst sounding thing that you can say lol. WINDS OF PLAUGE KIKS ASS!!!! WOOOO!!!!!
    I love this album, they make good heavy songs that are easy to listen to, over, and over again. They have great keyboard parts, and the sweeps are clean and well executed, and a lot of the songs are in standard tuning! To MrBucket; nice lingo homeboy, nothing I hate worse than a wigga.
    Trivium_Child wrote: I gotta get this album. but what the hell is with the Impaler vid? Hes all gangsta!
    Its a joke
    Winds of Plague puts whitechapel in a corner. For the people not familiar with irony, dont watch the impaler video, you might not get it....
    I would have to say this album is not their best. They need to go back to A Cold Day In Hell sound again. Yet again this album is amazing it its own respect. Keep on tearin this shit up WoP!!!!
    What I love about this band is how they can make really heavy and brutal songs using keyboards and tuning to E standard. It makes the songs a little more unique.
    puremetal11 wrote: What I love about this band is how they can make really heavy and brutal songs using keyboards and tuning to E standard. It makes the songs a little more unique.
    they tune to drop A# bro. also reloaded is an amazing song. they used to be a straight up "tough guy" hardcore band like old throwdown, bury your dead, etc. reloaded is a tribute to WOP's roots. and in my opinion an epic ****ing song. the rest of the cd is also incredible some of the sweeps the guitarists do give me goose bumps. along with the incredibly epic keyboard parts.