Time I review by Wintersun

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  • Released: Oct 19, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.8 (152 votes)
Wintersun: Time I

Sound — 8
Perhaps you haven't heard about this small band from Finland, but in 2004 and for they recorded their first album ("Wintersun" as well) and it turn around a lot of tables in the European death/melodic/power METAL world. After 8 years Jari Menp and the boys are back with the first of a two part album called "Time I". "When Time Fades Away" is the opening track, and the intro to the twin albums. It's a 4 minutes intro based on Japanese melodies. The composition is fantastic and is the perfect way to get you prepared for what's coming next. "Sons Of Winter And Stars" is the main track of the album, and it's composed of 4 parts: I. "Rain Of Stars", II. "Surrounded By Darkness", III. "Journey Inside A Dream", IV. "Sons Of Winter And Stars". This 13 minutes master piece begins with a slow an melodic intro, and after that is pure heavy guitars and blasting drums without forgetting the Japanese melody. The third track "Land Of Snow And Sorrow", is a melodic slow timed heavy/ballad like song with cleans vocals and choirs that evokes at time some Blind Guardian passages. "Darkness And Frost" is another instrumental song that fills the gap between songs, it has a lot of acoustic guitar a synth, is not as good as the opening track, but its a nice touch. Finally "Time" closes this 40 minutes LP, and it is not a disappointing end. It's mad, it's fast, it's melodic and it's got clean vocals, grunts and choirs. You can not ask for more. The production of the instruments is amazing, the scores, the guitars and the drums are great; also the choirs fits perfectly the music. The only down side is that the main vocals (both clean and vocals) are drown in the mix and the are not really clear to understand.

Lyrics — 7
Jari Menp it's a great singer, he can manage to perform great grunts and clean vocals on the album that fit the dramatic and epic mood of the music, unfortunately his work as composer overwhelms his singing in a far too dense mix. The lyrics are dark but not too deep, but once again they fit nicely in the context of the album e.g. "Behold the rain of stars The awakening of darkened skies Falling from the dark The symphony of dying lights Behold the rain of stars The blazing fire came pouring down Falling from the dark And life and death became unbound" or "The energy flows in me like a river of stars I'm surrounded by the circle of fire, but eternal ice has frozen my heart I'm lost in the pathways of time But now the time has come for us!"

Overall Impression — 8
The album features only 5 tracks which is a little bit disappointing but the melody of each and everyone of them scratches the quality of any epic movie score. I just can describe it as Rhapsody Of Fire meets Dark Tranquility (or something like that). All the tracks are amazing but I still think the vocals are drown in the instrumental mix. Anyway I love the music and the feel of the album and I would buy it again.

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    To everyone whining about Time II taking another 8 years to release: It's already done. It was recorded/mixed/mastered along with Time I. They're just waiting to release it, because you mortals can't handle the whole thing at once.
    That last part was half sarcasm. But only half. 80 minutes of this at once would be a bit too much.
    It may be only 5 songs, but it's 40 minutes of music in 5 songs, haha. Still definitely worth it!
    After eight years I was waiting for a deft change. Enough of the old and enough of the new. Jari neither strays and progresses for the sake of progress nor does he stay stagnant and bland. Brilliant, overall. Takes a few listens to sink in. 9/10, because I was expecting more flying sweeps and shred runs
    As someone who loves Folk Metal, I can say that this isn't really genre-defining. is it awesome? Yes. I think it was well worth the wait and I can't wait for pt 2 to be released. But will his have the same impact as Master of Puppets? Good god no, the closest thing folk metal has to that is probably Iron by Ensiferum. That being said, if you do give this album a listen, be sure to listen to it as a whole. It's meant to be listened to in one sitting IMO. Put this on, sit outside, look at the stars, enjoy your evening.
    PERFECT. FLAWLSS INCREDIBLE GENRE-DEFINING there's not enough words to describe this i don't care what anyone says this has changed metal forever, in years to come this will be remembered alongside master of puppets and paranoid, it's just that good and that game changing never has an album for the past 40 years changed metal the way this album has. INCREDIBLE
    Mr Winters
    Woah bro relax, this is good stuff but it's certainly not genre defining...in fact Wintersun a re relatively obscure band, this will in no way have the effect Master of Puppets had
    no seriously this WILL have the same impact as master of puppets it just needs time to sink in master of puppets didn't become a classic overnight, once upon time black sabbath and metallica were obscure bands. this is finally a young band coming through to create classic albums we finally have a BIG star in metal making modern music that will stand the test of time this album is so ahead of it's time that it's just not sunk in yet. it's a hell of a lot of music to handle but it's by far the most genre defining album since mop. no other album has even scratched the surface on what this album has, the depth in it is unbelivable the compositions most people wont get their head around in even years of listening it's that vast and that incredible. this album is mind blowing and WILL go down as the greatest metal album in history
    hahaha is this guy serious? this isn't genre defining in any way. it's just very well written. it doesn't mark the cornerstone of any subgenre of metal....
    Is this a joke, or are you being payed to say this?
    it's not a joke in the slightest i genuinely feel this passionately and enthusiastic about this album
    It's cool if you love this album, but everything you're claiming is very far-fetched, and just wrong. First of all: Sure, Black Sabbath and Metallica were at one point obscure, but pretty much every band is "obscure" when they first started out. Both of the bands' debut albums were commercial successes, and were huge by the time they released what are considered their classics. Wintersun isn't very well-known outside of the underground metal community. I'm extremely surprised to see their new album on UG's front page, and especially surprised to see that somebody who types like a 12-year-old and likes Underoath recognizes them. Even though they're pretty accessible for extreme metal, and it may be too soon to tell, I don't see them getting a lor of fame or recognition. Second, how can you say this is genre-defining (and the first since Master of Puppets, seriously?) and has already changed metal forever? Again, it's too soon to tell, but the band is relatively unknown, and their style isn't anything new.
    Master of Puppets became a classic overnight. Just saying.
    "Classics" don't happen overnight. Ever. Otherwise, they wouldn't be "classics". ...Just saying.
    I guess you've never heard the term "overnight classic". Your logic fails.
    "Overnight classic" is what we call an oxymoron, or a phrase that contradicts itself. Which is to say, something can't be called a "classic" without having stood the test of time; otherwise, it wouldn't be a "classic" by definition, and therefore, an "overnight classic" doesn't exist. See, I can be condescending too.
    You can also be an idiot, since the phrases "overnight classic", "instant classic" and "modern classic" are not oxymorons, and do not contradict themselves. The word "classic" does not necessarily have anything to do with time. You started the condescention in the first place. My original comment was accurate.
    I could continue this for a while, and argue the semantics of what definition of "classic" applies here, among other things, but you're right in one aspect- this has nothing to do with Time .
    Symphonic elements? Been done, see Septic Flesh, Nighwish, Dimmu Borgir. Power metal mixed with melodic death? Been done, see Children of Bodom, Skyfire, Mercenary. Over the top, multi-layered compositions? Been done, see Ne Obliviscaris, Kalisia, Emperor. This album doesn't actually bring anything new to the table so you're going too far by calling it "game changing".
    Eight years between albums? I didn't know that Axl Rose had a side project.....
    the composion und mixing is awesome, u can hear so much orchestral details, its so rich in sound but for me its not catchy enough. Its predecessor was just too huge to beat and u cant really ,,feel'' it like it was in 2004.. anyways superb album would say 8/10
    Time I probably is one the best album i've heard since their debut album. But honestly, this review sucks. It is way too short and should contain much more information.
    Got this as soon as it came out. Absolutely right up there with the best music I have ever heard. Writing out When Time Fades Away as we speak 8)
    This is one of the best Finnish bands imo, even though I don't like melodeath that much. My bandmate is a huge fan
    He should have released both the Time albums as a single album. I'm not really feeling this album as much as the first one.
    It's really too short for me to appreciate. Wrong move by Jari to release it as 2 EP's basically.
    It is a very good album, but in my opinion this sounds too much like turisas and such (not that I don't like turisas). I wanted it to be more like the old one, fast, heavy and melodic. This is more like fast, heavy and symphonic... I prefer the old album, Beyond The Dark Sun is one of the best songs ever imo.
    Jari said that TIme I is going to be 40% fast and 60% slow, while Wintersun was 60% fast and 40% slow. He also said that Time II is going to be much more faster than Time I. I hope that we're not going to wait another 8 years for it's release.