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artist: Wintersun date: 11/02/2012 category: compact discs
Wintersun: Time I
Released: Oct 19, 2012
Genre: Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Number Of Tracks: 5
After 8 years since their debut album Wintersun are back with the first of a two part album called "Time I".
 Sound: 7.5
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7.5
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overall: 7.7
Time I Reviewed by: marianoarnaiz, on october 26, 2012
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Sound: Perhaps you haven't heard about this small band from Finland, but in 2004 and for they recorded their first album ("Wintersun" as well) and it turn around a lot of tables in the European death/melodic/power METAL world. After 8 years Jari Menp and the boys are back with the first of a two part album called "Time I". "When Time Fades Away" is the opening track, and the intro to the twin albums. It's a 4 minutes intro based on Japanese melodies. The composition is fantastic and is the perfect way to get you prepared for what's coming next. "Sons Of Winter And Stars" is the main track of the album, and it's composed of 4 parts: I. "Rain Of Stars", II. "Surrounded By Darkness", III. "Journey Inside A Dream", IV. "Sons Of Winter And Stars". This 13 minutes master piece begins with a slow an melodic intro, and after that is pure heavy guitars and blasting drums without forgetting the Japanese melody. The third track "Land Of Snow And Sorrow", is a melodic slow timed heavy/ballad like song with cleans vocals and choirs that evokes at time some Blind Guardian passages. "Darkness And Frost" is another instrumental song that fills the gap between songs, it has a lot of acoustic guitar a synth, is not as good as the opening track, but its a nice touch. Finally "Time" closes this 40 minutes LP, and it is not a disappointing end. It's mad, it's fast, it's melodic and it's got clean vocals, grunts and choirs. You can not ask for more. The production of the instruments is amazing, the scores, the guitars and the drums are great; also the choirs fits perfectly the music. The only down side is that the main vocals (both clean and vocals) are drown in the mix and the are not really clear to understand. // 8

Lyrics: Jari Menp it's a great singer, he can manage to perform great grunts and clean vocals on the album that fit the dramatic and epic mood of the music, unfortunately his work as composer overwhelms his singing in a far too dense mix. The lyrics are dark but not too deep, but once again they fit nicely in the context of the album e.g. "Behold the rain of stars The awakening of darkened skies Falling from the dark The symphony of dying lights Behold the rain of stars The blazing fire came pouring down Falling from the dark And life and death became unbound" or "The energy flows in me like a river of stars I'm surrounded by the circle of fire, but eternal ice has frozen my heart I'm lost in the pathways of time But now the time has come for us!" // 7

Overall Impression: The album features only 5 tracks which is a little bit disappointing but the melody of each and everyone of them scratches the quality of any epic movie score. I just can describe it as Rhapsody Of Fire meets Dark Tranquility (or something like that). All the tracks are amazing but I still think the vocals are drown in the instrumental mix. Anyway I love the music and the feel of the album and I would buy it again. // 8

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overall: 7
Time I Reviewed by: UG Team, on november 02, 2012
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Sound: Well, here we have it the most aptly-named album in history is finally with us. Cast your mind back to how old you were when "Time" was supposed to be released, or even further back to when Jari Mäenpää first unveiled his Wintersun project. The former Ensiferum frontman has been holed up for over seven years preparing his bombastic metal symphony, obsessing over every detail and no doubt tearing his long locks out over it. Taking that kind of time may seem like a luxury at first but the personnel problems, technology failures and endless rewrites that caused the huge delays have no doubt made the process extremely laborious. What this does ensure is that everything is polished to perfection. The melodic vocals, melodic strings, melodic leads and occasionally heavy rhythms are all fine-tuned and firing on all cylinders from a production perspective. The hugely ambitious orchestral arrangements are not just integrated; they take the lead in everything that the album does. The album's greatest strength is its use of the orchestra as a real means of expression, where so many metal artists only wheel it out as a cheap shortcut to an epic' sound. Unfortunately this does mean that the guitars take a back seat, and Mäenpää's folksy melodic style doesn't always lend itself to such a spotless and sanitized sound. When the guitars do take centre stage, at times during "Sons Of Winter And Stars" and "Time", the impact is rather softened by the mix, like a YouTube guitar player doing a metal version of his favourite RPG soundtrack. The music isn't a million miles away either. // 7

Lyrics: There is an innate cheesiness to fantastical lyric writing, and nobody demonstrates that better than Jari if past work is anything to go by. Ensiferum have always been full of symbolism and the Wintersun debut was a rather melancholy affair, wrapped in swathes of frost, stars and other glitter. "Sons Of Winter And Stars" is a real bore, trudging through endless clichés ("The energy flows in me like a river of stars/I'm surrounded by the circle of fire, but eternal ice has frozen my heart") but elsewhere the personal content is at least less dressed up. Considering the audience is looking to be excited rather than engaged emotionally, the lofty language does its job well enough, and the voice screaming "TIME!", "FIRE!" or occasionally "SPACE!" still gets the message across. // 7

Overall Impression: At this late stage "Time I" can only look and sound how we all knew it would and convince fans that it was worth the wait - both are forgone conclusions. If you're into grand, folky, melodic metal and somehow haven't heard about Wintersun already then this comes highly recommended; if you're not then this won't do a lot for you; if you're already a Wintersun fan then, let's be honest, you're already waiting for "Time II", which comes out next year. Let's hope all goes according to plan this time. // 7

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- Duncan Geddes (c) 2012

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