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artist: Within the Ruins date: 09/02/2010 category: compact discs
Within the Ruins: Invade
Released: Aug 31, 2010
Genre: Death Metal, metalcor
Label: Victory
Number Of Tracks: 11
Within The Ruins is a truly unique band. Their metalcore roots are easily disguised with excellent guitar work.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Invade Reviewed by: AntonTheCrazy, on september 02, 2010
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Sound: Within The Ruins is a truly unique band. Their metalcore roots are easily disguised with excellent guitar work. On their last album, "Creature", this was also very apparent, but on "Invade" they have really stepped it up a notch. Complex harmonies and intricate solos are found throughout the album, leaving any guitar player satisfied with their shred. The riffs and breakdowns flow flawlessly, creating a listening experience that anyone can appreciate. Within The Ruins are not recreating their genre, although they are up there with the best of the best, setting a fantastic example of what others should be working towards. The two instrumental tracks on the album are technical, heavy, and really unique, you don't hear guitar work like this too often, and the drummer has made significant improvements since the first record. // 10

Lyrics: They also have a new tool in their arsenal, vocalist Tim Goergen. He adds a really good feel to the album, making it sound extremely powerfull and emotional. On "Creature" lack of vocal range and honestly just poor vocals in general really made what could have been an amazing album simply "OK". Tim's lyrics are also a step up from the previous album, while keeping somewhat of a "do what you believe in" and "God isn't real" vibe, which makes the entire album sound a lot heavier. There are a lot of powerfull lyrics in this album and Tim's range is a good fit for this band (extremely good mids/lows, and when the highs show up they aren't too shabby either) and you can understand what he's saying most of the time which is a plus // 9

Overall Impression: This band can't really compare to very many other artists, their low tuned G# guitars hit you hard, while the melody cuts through you like an axe...a very pissed off and angry axe. If I had to compare them to any other artist, it would be Veil of Maya, not because they sound similar, but because they really have created their own genre in itself. Some of the more powerful songs on the album are "Red Flagged", "Behold The Harlot", "Crossbuster", "Invade", and "Feast or Famine". I would suggest this album to moshers and metalheads alike, as it really has something that everyone is sure to like. If this record were stolen or lost, I would probably find the nearest vehicle I could commendere, and get myself a new one ASAP. // 10

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